Have you missed me? Between prepping for the opening of Amy Berry Home, a trunk show, and some really exciting photoshoots, it has been all work around these neck of the woods lately. I feel like I have so many updates to share with y’all and lots of new content coming to the blog next week…

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Flower Crown

TGIF! I am currently sipping on my black coffee and wishing it was an almond milk latte.

A few of you have been me asking about the Whole30, how it is going and why I started, so I figured I would share my journey with all of you.  I am currently on my second Friday of the challenge and I am feeling better than ever.  Honestly, I wanted to get through the first week before posting anything on here because before I started I didn’t think I could do it.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with food. I love good food, but I hate how it makes me feel most of the time.  Nine years ago I was tested for a dairy allergy and guess what, I was allergic.  Did it stop me from eating pizza and ice cream? Nope. Not until 12 days ago.  I honestly went nine years of my life putting something into my body that I knew was harmful. It was never going to be life and death and the thought of living without having a cheese plate with girlfriends was just out of the picture.

About a month ago, I finally decided it was time to make a change about the way I see food. After tons of research and reading about clean eating on websites like Chalkboard Magazine and Goop, I decided the Whole30 was the perfect plan for me.  So, last Monday I started the challenge.  For those not familiar with the Whole30, you can read the entire pr0gram here. The main takeaways to the programs are eating clean, whole foods and not eating any sugar, grains, diary, legumes or alcohol. Before I started, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it that I would cave on day 2 or 3 and go through the drive-through for some french fries, but I have made it to day 12 without any tortilla chips and queso (and if you know me personally, this is a true milestone in my life..hehe) even while watching my friends and husband eat it at Mi Cocina last Saturday.

So I am not quite halfway through the program, but I am feeling better than ever and with so much added energy. I will keep you updated on my progress each week, but today I would love to hear from you if you have tried the Whole30, are currently doing it, or are thinking about starting.  Happy Friday!

On another note: J.Crew is having 30% off the entire site (including sale)! This stripe top is calling my name. I mean how cute would it be paired with these and these.   Use the code TIMETOSHOP at checkout.

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photo from my DIY Flower Crown Party featured on Style Me Pretty by Elyse Hall 


Photo Mar 05, 9 36 27 AM

Lately I have been crushing on all things Spring. With Spring Break and Easter in the rear view mirror, I am onto spring cleaning.  Both a closet refresh and a reset on my health.  For the last year (post wedding) I haven’t been taking care of my body. I mean I have been eating pizza, chinese food and chips and queso on the reg.  Not okay- especially for a girl who is about to be 28.

Today, I started the Whole 30 challenge. I know it is not going to be an easy, but I am ready to try.  For the last few weeks I have been mentally preparing (guys, no wine for 30 days is going to be interesting…) for the program and today I was finally ready to start the challenge. You must know that I am not doing this program to lose weight, but instead to cleanse my body of all those things I shouldn’t be eating. I have been allergic to dairy since Junior year in high school and I never really accepted the terms until now. Let me know if you are interested and I will keep you updated on my progress.  Needless to say, this week may be a little rough.  After reading tons of blogs and articles, I will probably be going through a sugar and carb withdrawl around Day 3.  Yikes! Other than my update today, these past couple weeks I have been spending my days outside. Whether it be working, walking the pups and going for long jogs, I am trying to soak up this 70 and sunny weather for as long as possible.


You have seen me wear my favorite Heidi Merrick looks here, but her new collection is everything.  I think I am going to get this dress for a wedding this summer and I think it is time for another Drake Tee.  I seriously wear mine at least once a week (just ask Mackenzie!).


One of my favorite bloggers, Camille Styles is planning a cleanse.  I will be using some form of her recipes to get me through the next month.  It  is the perfect time to start getting ready for Summer (aka bikini season).  Be sure to follow the hashtag #camillestylescleanse next week.


Have you been into Forever21 lately?  I took a major hiatus from the store after college to invest in some timeless, high quality pieces.  That being said, lately I have been browsing online and I have to say, I have an ever growing wishlist of items under $30.  I picked up this top a few weeks ago (it was $18) and I have received so many compliments.  The quality is surprisingly great and the cost per wear is even better.  :) See a few of my must-haves:

Photo Mar 28, 1 31 26 PM

M.Gemi has been killing it lately.  I have had a gift card burning a whole in my pocket for months and I just can’t decide what color loafers I want.  I have been leaning towards this rose color, but it is so out of my comfort zone.  What color and style do you think I should get?

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I am getting real today because truth be told I have been struggling with something the last few months. Wether or not I get answers, affirmation or a burst of inspiration from this, I decided it needs to be out in the world.  For me to call this my creative space, this is sure the hardest thing I have ever had to write on A Dash of Details.  The thing is when I started this blog in December of 2010, I was sitting at my desk at my first real job bored out of my mind and realizing I was missing something in my life. I thought I was going to be doing creative things when I took my first post-college job, but instead I was writing copy for a PA announcer and shuffling 20-30 pound boxes around the office (sounds glamorous, right?).  The funny thing is the minute I left there were over 500 people gunning for that same job. So here is a little back story:

I went to college with all intentions on becoming a doctor. After my second semester, I realized I didn’t know what the heck I was thinking and low and behold, I started to question everything.  The life I thought I knew was crumbling all around me.  It was not to say that I couldn’t have graduated at the top of my class, but I came to the realization didn’t want to be in school for 12 years and to start my life at 28 years old (sorry to all my doctor friends, it just wasn’t my thing).  S0, here I was one year into my degree and I wanted to start over. At this moment, I realized I could do anything I wanted in this world. From one extreme to the next, I told my parents I wanted to become a graphic designer or interior designer and then a curator. With a little push from my dad, I settled somewhere in the middle, or what I thought was the middle.  A double major: Business Marketing and Art History. For the next 3 years, I took business classes that I was never passionate about. I would memorize the material and move on, that is except for my art history courses.  I would write 20 page essays on Jackson Pollock and not complain. While I wasn’t the one actually creating the art, I felt fulfilled when I would step into a museum or gallery and know the story behing the artist, the meaning of the piece and how I felt looking at it.  But really, you are probably wondering why I have gone into this whole story about my college life. Well, this is the first time in my life I realized it was okay to question EVERYTHING.

Like I said before, I starting this blog in 2010 when I was sitting at my first job post college questioning how I got to where I was. When I starting A Dash of Details, I was 21 years old, living in my boyfriend’s parents basement and feeling like I could accomplish anything but nothing at the same time. In 2010, I decided to buy Adobe Design and teach myself Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.  I watched too many tutorials to count, practice for hours on end, and over time I felt confident in my skills. Now looking back, my work was so amateur and if I am being completely candid- I still question if what I do will ever be good enough.  I have built every A Dash of Details website (with a little help from friends). The first few generations of the site were a little rough around the edges, but as I got more confident, the site grew into what it is today.

So this is really what the post is about: Will I ever being good enough. And I guess the answer is, whatever I decide is good enough for myself. In a world filled with comparison and numbers, this blog has gone from a space to share my thoughts, loves and life to something I think I should be doing every day. I have been blogging for 5 years. Although 5 years doesn’t seem like a long time, it is in this world.  When I starting it was well before it was popular to have a blog. I didn’t even tell my friends or family for the first few years (this was my first mistake).  It was before Pinterest, Instagram or affiliate marketing, and really before people knew there was a real potential to create a career out of a passion.  And since I am being honest, I have not been as successful as I would like in comparison to my fellow blogger friends.  Most of the girls I connected with in the very early days of blogging have created successful brands for themselves, have started stores or published books and are still striving.  I am so proud of these women for following their passions and working hard everyday to do something they love. So I guess for me, I am having a difficult time deciding where I went wrong or if I went wrong. My best friend and I were chatting yesterday and she brought up the quote, “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle,” but I am having a hard time justifying this when we started at the same time.  I look at myself from when I started to where I am now, and I am happy with my life. I have an amazing husband, great friends and family who would do anything for me, so the answer to my question, will I ever be good enough, I guess my answer is yes. My life is full and that is all that should matter.

A Dash of Details started as a place to share my life.  So today, I sit here questioning everything again, just like I did 8 years ago.  I can’t imagine my life without A Dash of Details, but I no longer want to compare my version of success with anyone else.  While my growth may be slow (and sometimes it feels like a snails pace), it is still growing and always has been.  So instead of looking at what my peers are doing, who they are working with, and always assuming that I missing the mark, I am going to keep creating and doing what I love to do.  I want to work with brands that share my same passion, spend time creating content that is meaningful and beautiful, and making real connections with women that lift each other and help them grow because that is why I started A Dash of Details in the first place.  While this blog will always be my second job (and I am envious of the women who have created successful careers from their passion), I will always be forever grateful that I was able to do this with my life.  It has given me an outlet to be my complete self, where no one tells me what to do and when to do it.  I would be lying if I didn’t say that my amazing readers who have stuck with me for the last five years wasn’t a huge reason I kept this blog going. The constant support I get from my husband, friends, family and readers allows me to feel like this space means something in this world.  While, it may be an itsy, bitsy piece of the internet, it is all mine.

Thanks for reading!

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More coffee please.  I am already on my second cup.

After a relaxing and rainy weekend at our families ranch, I am slowing getting into the Monday groove.  This weekend I started pinning ideas for our first Friendsgiving party, gift ideas and winter style inspiration. Can we talk about how it is already the second week of November? Fall is just flying by and the holidays are right around the corner. Insert: Scared face emojii.

Last night we finally used this wedding gift to make this recipe.  Let’s just say, my cooking skills still need a little TLC. We will try again soon but in the meantime I think I might need to try Blue Apron.

I have been using this Clinique mask on Sundays for a skin refresh.  I also love this serum for morning and night.

I can’t wait to style my new leather leggings.

Be sure to check out of my holiday gifting ideas. Lots more to come!

Has anyone found any alternatives for these boots? I think I might have to pull the trigger.

Happy Monday, lovies!

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…Back to reality (with a nice little tan and a wedding band :))

I’m finally back and I have so many things I want to tell you.

So I will start from the beginning.  The beginning happened a little over 6 years ago when I started this blog.  Thanks to the support of my, now, husband. It was always supposed to be a space where I could escape and find a creative outlet.  I have always had a passion for fashion and styling, but this space was supposed to be more than that. It was a place for me to write down my thoughts, share my favorite things and to capture all of my 20-something life details in one place.  Some of you might not know it, but I have lived in 3 different states, have made 2 different career moves, and as of two weeks ago- got married to my best friend and biggest supporter.

I have always had big goals for this space, but year after year I found myself making excuses for why I never hit my goals.  I felt like I needed a clone to figure out how to get everything accomplished.  But this is the year, I told myself, no more excuses; just make it happen (or at least that is what I thought).  With a busy job, planning a wedding, contributing to Style Me Pretty, and trying to stay healthy, A Dash of Details started to become a major stress the last two months.  So instead of stressing that I wasn’t creating good content, I decided to take a break.  It was harder than I thought it would ever be to shut it off for a month.  I kept seeing quotes like, ” Great things never come from your comfort zones,” and “Old ways won’t open new doors.” I was nervous I was falling right back into those same excuses from the previous years, but this time it felt different. It felt for once I had a balance on my life.


So today I feel refreshed, happier than ever and excited for what is to come.  I have some amazing content that I have been working on the last couple months that hopefully will inspire you and all of your life’s little details.

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I am at a complete loss. A loss for words. A loss for thoughts.

While I would have loved to share my Labor Day sale round up with all of you, it just did not feel right today. This blog has always been  a space where I share my life. While most of the time the content is materialistic, sunshine and rainbows side of my life; you all know, that is not how life really is.  This weekend I lost someone very near and dear to my heart. I have been so fortunate for 26 years of my life to not be surrounded by sickness or death. On Saturday, everything changed.

He was the one who taught me about selflessness, compassion and style, also how to make the most perfect nachos, the daffy duck voice,  and that it is always okay to eat ice cream in bed. He was my second dad, my champion, and always the first to tell me how proud he was of what I have become. So today, I am still at a loss for words or feelings.  Just remember today that life is precious. So hug a little tighter, love a little deeper, and fall a little harder because you have nothing to lose.

In honor of my beloved, Uncle Greg. You will forever be in my heart. I love you.

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You may have noticed I took a little unexpected break from the blog for the last two weeks. This was never my intention and I had this weird guilt as the days went by and I didn’t post anything. The real story was that my day job took us on quite the interesting adventure. Many of you probably don’t know what I do, so here’s the quick story.  I’ll  be back Monday with regular content and some exciting news!

Two Thursdays ago, my fiancé and I hopped on a plane and headed to Scottsdale for a quick weekend getaway (or so we thought) to celebrate my birthday. We had a great weekend and then got news we would be working on a quick 5 day project in a small town in Mississippi. So if you don’t know, Patrick and I work together for an oil and gas company, a job I absolutely love and everyday am grateful to have found something that I like to do and also have the flexibility to work from home, blog, and still have a life.

We arrived is Mississippi 2 Sundays ago, for what we thought would be a quick and painless trip with a few pitstops to Oxford and New Orleans on the way home, but we were SOO wrong. We worked until midnight every night and on top of everything we had no internet the entire time (hence no blogging). After a few long nights, the project was extended an entire week.  More work, late nights and few pieces of fried chicken later, we finally completed our project and made it to New Orleans for a night and then back to Dallas for the weekend, just in time for my bestie to come visit me. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see our shenanigans around town.  Let’s just say August turned into quite the whirlwind.

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The IT List

It’s Friday and that means the IT List is back.  Take a look at all of the lovely links from some extremely talented bloggers. Hope you have a very happy Friday! 

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The IT List

Happy Friday Everyone! 

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