Style Details No 202

I always seem to forget how much a love Spring fashion. The florals, lighter fabrics, and feminine designs are such a breath air after a winter of sweaters and wool coats.  I know some of you are currently in that awkward in-between weather, but here in Dallas my coats have officially been moved to the back of my closet.  My suggestion for all you in-between ladies, add a cashmere sweater over a midi dress or make a statement with a fun jacket, like this one.

Woven Bag / Eyelet Top / White Dress / Sunglasses / Sneakers / Earrings / Pillow / Sandals / Linen Skirt 

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If you could go anywhere in the world with your 4 best friends, where would it be? If someone said pack your bags and hop on a plane tomorrow, what city would you choose?

Malibu sent 5 friends around Europe for 40 days to experience their Best Summer Ever. Thanks to my friends at Malibu, they are fulfilling my best summer ever.  While I would love to travel the world with my 5 best friends; this summer was already full of traveling so this September my bucket list involves relaxing, spoiling myself, and spending time with my fiancé.  So for the next couple weeks, I will be exploring new areas in Dallas to complete my summer bucket list.

You can follow along on Instagram for the next few weeks to see how I checked off the end of my summer bucket list.

xox- a dash of details

* This post is sponsored by Malibu Rum, in conjunction with their Best Summer Ever campaign.