When Patrick and I moved into our house the one thing we decided is that we wanted to find some great unique art to hang on the walls.  In my previous apartment, my roomie and I had some super girly artwork. Most of the art on the walls of our old place were DIY projects, or sketches and watercolors I did when I was bored. I always wanted to invest in some good pieces but I was not ready quite yet.  So needless to say, when we moved all of my girly pieces ended up in my office.  It is the only place in our house with the color pink (hopefully you will get a peek into my office soon, there are a few finishing touches that I plan to make in the next couple weeks and then I will snap a few pictures).  

Anyways, back to the art. I came across Gray Malin about a year ago when I was trying to find that iconic Prada Marfa sign from Gossip Girl. Yes, I know I can’t believe I am even admitting it, but I just loved the size, and that it was black and white (I went through a phase).  So when it came to discussing art for the new place Gray Malin’s Prada Marfa series was the first thing that came to my mind.  I love the juxtaposition of the Prada Store with the cowboys (it is just soo us.. fashion obsessed and cowboy wannabe).  It is hanging now on a large wall in our dining room and I am in love. 

If you don’t already know about Gray Malin’s work you must check it out, he is incredibly talented. Other than my love for his Prada Marfa series, I am slilghtly obsessed with his A la Plage work; particularly this one.

xox- a dash of details