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The unexplainable feeling of a dog’s love makes my heart so full.

Meet Miss Zoey and Miss Molls, our two lovable and sassy Goldendoodle pups.  You have seen them make an appearance a time or two on the blog, but today is their first real modeling debut. Life is quite the adventure with these two, and I would not have it any other way. They spend their days playing, digging holes out in the yard (which may be the bane of my existence), sleeping on my favorite blanket, snuggling up under my feet at my computer, and in constant need of head rubs. And on special days, they are allowed in the bed for nighttime snuggles (if dogs could talk, I know they would tell me this is their favorite thing).

With active pups, comes a few interesting smells around the house, so in order to keep the house smelling fresh , SNIFF sent us a few candles and room sprays to try. Not only do I just love the kitschy names, like Fart and Away and Field of Dreams, but each scent is specifically made for your pup’s well being. The best part for me is for each SNIFF purchase a portion of the proceeds go to put shelter animals into lifelong homes.

xox- a dash of details

photography by ALB for A Dash of Details