Ali Schilling in Black and White Solid and Striped Swimsuit

 I am counting down the days until I am sitting on a beach chair with a margarita in hand. This weekend, I am headed to Mexico with my best gals for a fun bachelorette party!

Solid and Striped The Ballerina (last years style, new styles here)

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Other than the fact that it is 30 degrees today and I am totally over this weather, it is the first official day of Spring. For most in Kansas City this is Spring Break week, and I am jealous of all of my friends, cousins, aunts and uncles that are headed down south to enjoy the warmer weather.  Some are in Mexico, others in Texas and little old me is headed up to Ohio on Friday where the high is a whopping 45 degrees. Whoopie! (Just kidding, I am super excited about my trip, I am just wishing I would be able to wear shorts or even a swimsuit anytime soon.) 

Did any of you get your pretty J Crew catalog in the mail yesterday?  Seriously, they do it to me every time.  I flip through the pages lusting over everything. I mean everything, even the men’s section. Something you may not know about me is I love a good men’s button down and sunglasses.  They are my downfall. Lusting over a relaxing vacation in warm St. Barth’s, umm yes please.  And an extra bonus, all in J Crew

You can see the sneak preview of the catalog here.  

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images and video all j crew 


So I know it is already Tuesday but life has been a little crazy at the moment (or madness, if you have been watching any basketball).  This weekend was busy, busy but in a good way and I am finally getting around to posting what I have been up to Lately.  The fluke 80 degree weather on Friday was incredible, so naturally we headed downtown to watch some basketball outside. I even wore open toe sandals which was a first since last summer (so naturally I needed to paint my toes- yes, this happened in the cab). After a fun night, Saturday morning came too early and silly me scheduled too many things before 9am, when all I wanted to do was lay on my new sofa. The sofa was definitely worth the wait, it is heavenly.  Now I just need some cute pillows to give the room some color.  Saturday definitely called for a strong cappuccino, my new espresso machine and has definitely given me a little pep in my step. If you are a latte drinker like me, I highly recommend investing. I have already saved so much money from not making a daily stop at Latte Land, although I do love my coffee people.  I didn’t get any snapshots from my friends St. Patty’s Day party, but let me tell you that the food was out of this world. Never in a million years did I think I would love Irish food, but it was honestly delicious!

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend and a great start to this week.  I will be plugging away until Thursday and Friday I officially start “Spring Break” and head to Ohio. I know not the most luxurious place, but a weekend with Patrick is definitely needed (let’s just hope there is no snow).  

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images taken by Ali 


Happy Friday + Treat Day

 Happy Friday Everyone! Instead of treat day today, I decided to make it beer day.  With March Madness in full speed, beer was more fitting for this day than a treat because tonight my roomate and I are having our first watch party.  With that said, I have alot to get done! Take P to the airport (lucky duck is going skiing for the week), make some finger foods for tonight, and finish painting our newly upholstered chairs. It’s going to be a fun day!

So, the story on the beer comes from when P and I went to Vail last Spring Break and we came across this local tasty treat on the mountain.  I think I really like it because of the packaging and I think P likes it because one of the flavors uses his last name.  :)

Have a great weekend!

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images via o’dell brewing