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We had all of the makings for a perfect day: Great friends, the beach, and a sun hat.

I talked about our short visit during our trip to St. Barth’s but Mackenzie and I still talk about how fun our day on the beautiful island really was. The French woman have this effortlessness about them.  They can be wearing a white tee over their bikini, a great hat and sunglasses and still look so chic.  When I found out we were heading to the island during our trip, I knew I wanted to wear this Rebecca Taylor skirt.  Rebecca Taylor’s refined design and girly silhouettes are why I love the brand so much.  Also her prints and fabrics are so easy to wear, especially for a girl who loves solid neutrals.  After picking up this skirt last year, I am constantly looking at her new collections.  On a side note, This dress would be perfect for a spring wedding.

We must talk about this sun hat.  Mackenzie and I joked the entire trip about this darn hat because it was constantly blowing off my head when the wind blew, but at the end of the day, it has been my best purchase this year. I have since worn in on two other trips to the beach and I know it will be the perfect accessory this summer.  I also watched this video about how to pack a hat in your carry-on and it changed the game!

More of my favorites from Rebecca Taylor:

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“She loved the ocean because every time the waves left the shore, they always came back.”-unknown

As I laid in the sand with the waves crashing at my feet, a slew of memories rushed in. I don’t know if it was the sounds of the water or the sun shining down on my skin but I felt at peace. My anxiety washed away with each passing wave and I allowed my mind to wander. So many thoughts came to the surface. Thoughts about my goals, my relationship and where I see my life in the next 10 years. For the first time in a while, I allowed my mind to wander to creative places and found new inspiration. I know it is not just me, but I get so caught up in my daily routine that I don’t allow myself to fully let go. So as I sat there in the sand watching each wave leave the shore, I let those little things go, and made room in my life for something new.

We had the best day on Saint-Jean beach in St. Barth’s. Stay tuned for later this week, I will be sharing a guide to 5 hours on the island. Everyone had to drag me back onto the boat. I could have stayed on that island forever. I wore my new Marysia bikini the entire day with a high waisted maxi skirt and sandals. To say I am obsessed with my new suit would be an understatement.  I have been lusting over Marysia’s designs for over 2 years now and I finally decided this girls trip was the perfect time to pick it up. I contemplated on getting this one piece, but Mackenzie talked me into the bikini with a quote from her Grandy- “You have your entire life to wear a one-piece, wear a bikini while you can.” She really is a genius.


Jackie Boyfriend Button Down (c/o) / Marysia Swim Mott Bikini / Bottoms / Celiné Sunglasses (similar) / Ariel Gordon Gold Dust Lariat (c/o) / Silk Woven Bracelet (c/o) / Straw Hat 

xox-a dash of details