Long summer days, holidays, a cold glass of rosé and salt water…does it get any better? There is something special about the high summer season and the month of July is one of my favorites.

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Today is the day! We are starting our 27 hour drive to Nantucket (insert squeals of excitement!) The car is almost packed and the snacks are ready. Before we leave we want to download a few books and podcasts. Do y’all have any good recommendations?

Jumpsuit / Sandals / Bag / Sunglasses

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If this day could not get any better, it just did! Today is the start of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (insert extra smiley emoji here).  This sale is my favorite time of the year to stock up on great investment pieces like handbags, beauty must-haves, dainty gold jewelry and classic tops and jeans.

Since I knew the Nordstrom sale was starting; a few weeks ago I took a long look at my closet and realized it was time for a major cleanout. Those outdated college clothes that I kept holding onto and never wearing (some things have been in the back on my closet for 10 years…yikes!) are finally in better hands! It felt so good to purge and start fresh.  For the last 2-3 years I have really focused on investing in classic colors and styles, and now that my closet is a little slimmer, I was finally able to see the missing items in my closet.  In the next few months I hope to invest in some light summer dresses and skirts, booties for Fall, and a few new denim styles.

The Nordstrom sale can be a little overwhelming. My advice is to stay focused on your actual needs rather than making a bunch of impulse buys you will later regret. I made a list of what I need and then only searched for those specific items.  It kept me on task and my wallet (fairly) happy.

If you are a card holder, you can shop early until July 16th. If not, you can scope out your must have items and hope they are still there in 8 short days :) Good luck and happy shopping!


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