Love you, Friday. This was one of those weeks where everything seemed to go my way. Nothing crazy happened, but I really love falling back into my routine at home. This past weekend, I decided it was time to get back on track with my health. In effort to make the slow transition, I started by adding in a few attainable goals; one of them being to start the morning with a run. I am proud to report that today is day five of my morning runs. I tried to talk myself out of it yesterday because my ankles were sore, but I pushed through and I am so happy I made it. Working at home has its perks, but more often than not, I find myself grabbing my coffee and sitting down at my computer in my PJs before the sun comes up. For me, starting the day in the fresh air, no distractions, and a good playlist set the tone for the rest of my day.  Let’s home I can stick with this new schedule. Stay tuned…

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It’s been a happiness overload over here. Life is full of ups and downs. Lately for me, more ups than downs. Since we got back from our honeymoon (seriously, I cannot wait to share all of the details with you), I have been moving like an Energizer Bunny (I just keep going, going, going…).  Working really long, late nights, exciting new blog projects, thank you notes, and traveling, my life has been on a constant high and I have been moving more than a mile a minute.

Do you ever feel like life is moving too fast and you are watching it fly by? I had a dream last night, I was in bed watching a movie of my own life. Like from the time I was six years old to the present, and it all happened in fast forward. Does anyone know what this kind of dream means?  A lot has been going on in my life; I did get married, take a 2 week honeymoon, pull a week of all-nighters, travel to 3 cities in 48 hours, watch my best friend get engaged (best moment of my life!), celebrate my grandma’s 80th birthday with all of her friends, all within the last month. But, it was such a vivid dream that when I woke up it took me a second to realize it was just a dream.


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I am not sure if I have mentioned it before, but I work from home (as in my real-life job).

In this day and age (oh geeze I sound like a grandma) most jobs require us to be dependent on that little black screen.  Whether you are in advertising, blogging, accounting, or even teaching almost everything is completed in front of a computer screen now-a-days.  At my old marketing job, we were reliant on our e-mail. Sitting at our desks like little maniacs in front of our computer screens, typing a mile a minute, trying to “change the world”, but really face-to-face interaction with your co-workers was sometime more efficient for getting the job done. I could be old school, but my goal was all about building relationships and I felt like email never allowed my personality to shine in a two sentence correspondence with an almost stranger.  Aren’t we all guilty of the last minute smiley face at the end of a not-so-nice email…please tell me I am right?

When I switched career paths back in August, I knew I was going to have to shift my thinking from corporate politics and interactions to something, well, a little more relaxed.  Being in your twenties is tough, when I decided to change jobs I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do.  There are some people that graduate from college and know that they want to be and they know they are going to do it for the rest of their life; for me that was a totally different story.  This job fell into my lap and I jumped on the opportunity (also, really to be in the same place as Patrick again). I was so unsure I was going to like what I was doing, but I found a love for not only the job but for the flexibility it allowed me.

So back to working from home. Some people can do it, others it is just not their thing.  You have to be disciplined and motivated in order for you to be successful. Here are a few tips I have learned since August:


I know this sounds trivial, but your day should not start when you naturally wake up.  For me, my best work happens in the morning alongside my almond milk latte. I normally do all of my blog writing in the early hours of 6am-7am.


You are probably saying to yourself…. obviously Ali. But when I first started working from home, I would just roll out of bed and head to my desk. I would work until 5pm, when I realized I still had not even brushed my hair for the day.  Getting ready sets the tone for the day. I either put on a cute, casual outfit or workout clothes which motivates me for the rest of the day.


Working from home definitely has its advantages, but for me, this is something I still struggle with on the daily.  Since Patrick and I both work from home, we both find it hard to step away from the office and call it a night.  When an e-mail comes through at 7:30, we both quickly hop to our computers to respond.  Let me just tell you, if you are not curing cancer or saving the world, that e-mail can wait until the morning.


Make sure you have a good home office set up.  We are very guilty of sitting with our laptops on the couch with the TV in the background. As much as I love some good background noise, music is the way to go, and sitting in a chair is much better for your back :)


For me, the most important thing for my sanity is to leave the house and exercise.  During the week, it is our time to see other people and stay in shape.  We love to go on walks/runs with the dogs, or do our own thing, but getting out of the house once a day keeps you from going  a little stir crazy!

So I know, working from home is not very common, but I want to hear from you, do any of you guys work from home? OR do you work in a laid-back work environment?

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