Some (aka, my husband) may call me a candle snob, but I say, I just know what I like.  From scents to packaging, I constantly find myself impulse buying and I have become quite the hoarder. To be honest, I am 100% okay with my obsession.


Every year my mom asks for the same Christmas gift, this candle.  The scent always reminds me of home because she has had her signature scent burning in every room of the house since I was in grade school :) When I moved into this house I started burning this candle and it is become my signature scent, but I love to switch it up during the holidays with this one and this one. I know it is early to start talking about holiday gifts, but these sets make the best gifts for your girlfriends or gift exchanges.



The Little Market 


Jo Malone


Le Labo

xox-a dash of details

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  1. Kate Hughes
    Kate Hughes says:

    you should check out Candlefish, a candle company based in Charleston, SC. They have some of my favorite scents, particularly Library 61 and Rewined in Rose – I’m a big fan of the candles you mentioned in your post, too, so you might like those!


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