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I am still coming off a major high from the weekend and may have woke up this morning with a little cold. The last month has been filled with so many amazing experiences. From Hawaii (a fun recap coming really soon) to Charleston for Mackenzie’s bachelorette to this past weekend here in Dallas for the RewardStyle Conference, my life has been on overdrive and I think I need to curl up in my bed and sleep for 24 hours to get caught up. Not sure if that will actually happen anytime soon, but my goal this week will be to take care of myself both physically and mentally. I am no expert when it comes to wellness, but I have recently been making small changes in effort to live a healthier lifestyle.


Gingham Dress (c/o) / Doên Basket (similar) / Sandals / Sunglasses / Scarf 

The weekend I attended the RewardStyle conference here in Dallas with a bunch of bloggers from all over the world. It was so inspiring to be in a room full of successful woman. My favorite part was reconnecting with old friends, like Jess and meeting new ones, like Liz. The internet still makes me laugh sometimes, but honestly I have met some of the most amazing, like-minded women through blogging. Gigham Dress Details from ShopbopLittle Gingham Dress on A Dash of Details Basket Bag and Gingham Dress

So, back to the discussion on living a healthier lifestyle. I am surrounded by so many friends who live healthy lifestyles, but it can be so overwhelming when you get started. To be honest, I work out on a regular basis (4-6 times a week) but everything else in my life is pretty much just a mess. My eating habits yo-yo from super clean to cheese-less Pizza Hut and Chinese food. As I am rounding my last year of my 20’s I decided it was time to take control of my health in a real attainable way. Sure, I will have a glass of wine, eat Chic-fil-a and pull an all-nighter from time to time, but honestly the last year I have been spiraling into an unhealthy lifestyle.

They say it takes 30 days to create a habit, well I decided to incorporate one wellness theme into my life at a time.  This month, I decided to start using the the app Headspace when I get overwhelmed. I have been working around the clock for the last month and taking 10 minutes for myself everyday to reset has been life changing.

Since we are in the last week of April, I decided to share with you my next goal: Supplements. I don’t know know about you, but I currently do not take any vitamins or supplements (sorry doc!)  I started doing my initial research and found Goop has great options for different needs, Care/of is a customized plan. I am not sure which ones I am going to buy just yet, but if there are any that you swear by, please send me suggestions!

 This is going to be a process and I am excited to take you along on my wellness journey.

xox- a dash of details

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  1. Emily- The Locus of Style
    Emily- The Locus of Style says:

    I feel you! I just started Weight Watchers a week ago and am in love…I had tried other things but they were all too drastic for me because I am never just going to stop eating X haha! Hoping it created long lasting patterns…I also use Care/of and can’t figure out the real take aways from it but I am guessing my insides are happier haha!


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