So true story- Patrick and I both have a watch obsession.  Mine is more about lusting over Cartiers that I wish I could afford and his is more about buying them.  He might have more than I can count on my hands, however, they are all pretty affordable brands.  I was browsing through Midwestyle this morning, let me tell you these 3 guys definitely know how to get dressed in the morning and it is just a bonus that they are from the Midwest.  Anywho, I noticed that all three of them have that classic Timex for J Crew watch.  Funny story is that Patrick and I have both been wanting it- I know it’s a guys watch but it is the perfect watch to go with a casual look.  Since he really wants it, I think I will let him get it and I will just steal it on the weekends (hope he is okay with that!) 

xox- a dash of details 

images all from Midwestyle Blog 

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