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It’s all in the details…

Planning a wedding from another state can get tricky (read my tips on why to hire a wedding planner over on Style Me Pretty). Thankfully, I had an amazing wedding planner who kept me on track during the entire process.  From the venue to the flowers to the photography, Jen got my vision and made it come to life.  It was the little details that our photographer (and now friend), Elyse captured that I constantly find myself looking back at and smiling. The best part, instead of worrying about those little details the day of the wedding, all of our vendors allowed us to completely enjoy the entire day with family and friends.

< Details beautifully captured by Elyse Hall, Invitations by Blue Eye Brown Eye >

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< Beautiful flowers by Butterfly Petals >

Cocktail-01-1618 Cocktail-01-1318 Cocktail-01-000060370003 Cocktail-01-000060280013

< My favorite detail, the pinboard with watercolor escort cards from Page and Mason and a personalized sign that was a gift from our darling wedding planner >

Reception-00-1718 Reception-00-1777 Reception-00-1953 Reception-00-1778 Reception-00-1769 Reception-01-1869

< Casual craft bag menus filled with french baguettes, grey and white linens, eucalyptus and white garden rose garland, and wooden table numbers filled the room > Reception-16-8401 Reception-16-8439 Reception-16-8485 Reception-16-8408

< Because everyone needs a midnight snack :) >

xox- a dash of details

photography by Elyse Hall

*Since many of you are asking about the late night snack carriers so here is a link to the ones we used (they are actually just a 4 pack beer holder) :)

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      ALI LEIGH says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Our wedding planner placed half of them out around 11pm when the first wave of guests were leaving and then they replenished them throughout the night. The kitchen cooked the fries as needed to they were all warm when the guest picked them up from the table. I was the last to leave and I still had hot fries :)

  1. Laurie Somerville
    Laurie Somerville says:

    Subtle and beautiful wedding decor, lovely. My daughters wedding is coming up. Love the carry containers (like everyone else) Please let me know where you got them. Thank you.

  2. Whitney chamberlin
    Whitney chamberlin says:

    I love the favor box and also the greenery table runners! I’ve been looking for something similar. I know this is an older post but could you email me some info on where you found them! I appreciate it so very much

  3. Jessica Ann Marie
    Jessica Ann Marie says:

    Absolutely adore your wedding favors! Please, I have to know where you ordered the stickers from <3 tia!

  4. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Love this idea!

    Question– I see this working great for guests that come in pairs. What did you do for single guests? Did they just take the 4-pack as well?


      ALI LEIGH says:

      Hi Andrea, yes, they just took a 4-pack too! But if you knew there were a lot of single guests, you could do one fry, one coke, and then napkins, straw and ketchup in the other spaces. :) Hope this helps!

  5. Alina
    Alina says:

    Great pictures looked like a beautiful wedding! Like everyone else I love the favor idea. I saw your link for the containers but I was curious how you handled the printing on the containers. Great idea – so unique! Thanks!

      ALI LEIGH says:

      Hi Alina, I am so glad you like the idea! I actually designed the labels and then printed them on square stickers I purchased at an office supply store. It was such an easy DIY! xox- Ali

  6. Cait
    Cait says:

    I’m getting married next May and adore your favors!! May I ask where you ordered the bottle carriers?

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