After my alarm gave me quite the wake up call this morning at 6:30am and a few hits of the snooze button later, Monday hit me like a hurricane and I am throwing myself a pity party today. Sometimes you just need a good pity party, right? I feel like I have a vacation hangover, ya know that feeling of complete exhaustion and missing all of the fun you had the day before. Mine normally hits after I go through security at the airport, but this time may have been amplified by the fact we were completely unplugged the entire trip (yes, no cell service or wi-fi). This probably was the best thing, since I didn’t have a chance to feel like I missed out on all of the fun happening in New York this weekend.  Thanks to Instagram, Pinterest, all of the street style photogs, and texts from friends; I caught up on all of the action last night.

Not quite as glamourous as the girls at Fashion Week, but I loved sporting my cowboy boots and cutoffs all weekend. 

xox- a dash of details

image via my Instagram

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