I spent the later half of the weekend reorganizing my drawers and came across so many good pieces that I had either 1. forgot about, 2. were tucked away at the bottom of the drawer.

Wondering what sparked my sudden burst of organization? Well, last year I did a huge closet clean out, but somehow my drawers were exploding due to a handful of lazy tactics. I had two drawers that were nearly empty because I was finding myself shoving my clean clothes in the top t-shirt drawer, oops. I was having a quiet afternoon yesterday after brunch with some girlfriends and ended up turning on Tidying Up on Netflix. I should note that I read Marie Kondo’s book a few years ago and we followed the Kon Mari method for our entire house. Let me tell you, it feels so good when you finish! About ten minutes into the first episode, somehow all of my clothes were on top of my bed and I was sorting and refolding like a machine! I am happy to report, everything sparked joy and I am thinking this folding method is going to be a game changer. I’ll report back after a few rounds of laundry ;)

The reason for this long explanation, is to tell you I am investing in quality essentials this year and replacing some of my extra loved pieces with only the best of the best. From the best fitting tees to everyday jeans, I thought I would share my go-to’s that always used to end up on the top of the stack. This tee and this tee (now comes in a stripe) are in constant rotation. I actually just ordered this one from Veronica Beard and I have a feeling it is going to be a front runner.

When it comes to jeans I find myself constantly reaching for this pair (and my Levi’s will forever be a closet staple). A few other items I found a new love for are my black and cream blazers (best gift of all time), this button down, and my cable knit cashmere sweaters. Most of these items are splurge-worthy, but they are the pieces I reach for season after season.


xox- ali leigh

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