Ready for the best night sleep of your life? We recently teamed up with Matouk to give our master bedroom the best kind of upgrade: a good night sleep.

Matouk Lowell Bedding in White (c/o) / Nightstands (handmade by Patrick, similar) / Lamp / Frame / Allswell Mattress (c/o)

Matouk is one of those brands that receives the highest praise when it comes to linens, well, at least in my opinion.  It has been a brand that, as a child, ended up being a frequent topic of conversation. Whether that be what to add to your wedding registry or just good ‘ol dinner conversation about lust-worthy linens. When it comes to finding good bedding, my mom taught me it is always worth the splurge. I mean think about how many hours a day you spend in your bed, it might as well be the most luxurious part of your home.

So a little bit about our new oasis. First, you are probably wondering how we made the decision for all white bedding. Well, this is an easy answer for me because I love all white bedding.  Even with pups who sleep on our bed, we have always had white bedding. I love how serene and calming our master feels.  Note: we wash our sheets twice a week to keep them white and clean, but I don’t mind one bit. Is there anything better than clean sheet day? I don’t think so ;)

So now that you know about my all white bedding obsessions, our next step was to choose the style.  We went with the Lowell and added a small tone-on-tone monogram. I am so in love with the classic, timeless design.

Can we talk about our monogram? We went with style 2006 and I love how precious it looks on the little boudoir pillow. I also love the subtly of the personalization.  The new Matouk site makes it so easy to create a beautiful bed in minutes! It was honestly so hard to choose a style, so I thought I would share a couple of my favorites.  The Portofino, how precious is the scalloped edge?,  I also love the Barcelona and the Bel Tempo

So, are you ready to have your best night sleep? Create the bed of your dreams on Matouk’s new website.

A few things to note: In addition to our amazing bedding, I should note our good night sleep doesn’t happen without our incredible Allswell Mattress. We have now had it since April and I cannot say enough good things. We went with ‘The Firmer’ option which is a mix between memory foam and coils to give you the perfect night sleep.  I have even convinced four of my friends to try it and they love it as much as we do! It is one of the best mattresses we have ever slept on!

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  1. brianna
    brianna says:

    Two questions: How do you keep white sheets white? and Do you have a TV in the bedroom? I’m trying to break a 20 year old habit of watching TV to fall asleep and am curious what others do.

      ALI LEIGH says:

      Hi Brianna- To answer question one: We wash our sheets at least once a week, if not twice! Thankfully, Matouk bedding is so well-made that it keeps getting softer with time! So the answer to the TV question: yes, we have one in the bedroom. When we first moved into our house, we didn’t have one for over two years, but we replaced our living room TV last year and decided to put our old one in the bedroom. I wish I could be more help to break your habit!


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