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This summer is flying by and I can’t believe there are only two weeks left until my birthday (and the start of August). This summer has been a little unusual since we didn’t travel and I am really into my summer routine. Minus the fact that we can only walk before 8am and after 8pm because of the scorching temps, I forgot how much I love being in a routine. Work, pilates, weekly girls nights, tennis on the weekends, pool and repeat.

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Ever have those days where everything just feels off? Like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and can’t seem to shake it? In a space where I normally talk about happy moments and my favorite things, there are, of course, the in between moments…

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Ready or not, it’s here again: The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. While I love a good sale, I have been following a less is more method of shopping this year. This philosophy has really allowed me too narrow in on what pieces I reach for in my closet, what fits my figure, and what’s worth the investment. I did a deep dive on all of the items in the sale and was really selective on the pieces I chose. THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE starts today (for card holders only––the public can start shopping on July 19th). Y’all the pieces in the sale are goood this year!

Vince Cashmere Sweater | Mules | Silk Midi Skirt | Cream Crewneck Sweater | Blue Crewneck Sweater | Mother Denim | Jo Malone Candle Set | Ryder Cardigan | Fuzzy Jacket | White Cropped Sweatshirt | Nike Leggings | Cozy Tan Sweater

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Long summer days, holidays, a cold glass of rosé and salt water…does it get any better? There is something special about the high summer season and the month of July is one of my favorites.

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Summer Swim


Summer Swim

We have officially hit peak swimsuit season and I have been pulling out my favorites. I’ve talked about my love for summer a lot on ADOD and spending time by the pool may be one of my favorite reasons. This probably has something to do with growing up in Scottsdale and the only relief we got in the summer was spending hours playing in the pool. My love for swimsuits started early on in life––I have always been super particular, just ask my mom. My girlfriends worked at Everything But Water in high school, which led me down a dark path to designer swimsuits at a young age and I’ve never looked back. My swimsuit philosophy is: two new suits a year (one in Resort- if we have a beach trip, and one in the summer).


Palm Spring Maillot


Denim Shorts


The Classic Stripe

Carrie Forbes

Naima Slides

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4th of July Outfit Idea


4th of July Outfit Idea

The 4th of July is around the corner and what better time to pull out my favorite blue and white stripe skirt. Earlier this Spring, Tuckernuck launched their own collection and I have been wearing this skirt on repeat since May! It pairs perfectly with a basic white tee, a wide stripe shirt, or a crop sweater for chillier days. Add a few red accessories and you are all set for the holiday (without screaming firework!) I love the idea of mixing prints, florals and stripes so your outfit doesn’t scream flag swimsuit from Old Navy circa 2000. lol.


Cece Skirt


Classic Tee




Straw Bag

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Faithfull the Brand Dress

Friday marked the official start to summer and we are sure feeling the heat here in Texas. Since we will be spending most of the summer in town, I plan on spending the weekends in the pool (with a huge sun hat (or maybe a visor, thoughts? and lots of sunscreen––a new favorite!) and wearing all the breezy sundresses for late night dinners with friends.

There is something special about summer nights. Maybe, it’s the long days when the sun doesn’t disappear until 9pm or everyone’s relaxed attitudes due to the increase in Vitamin D. Whatever it may be, summer has always been my favorite season.

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Artizia White Dress


Artizia White Dress

Summer is here and that only means one thing, dresses on repeat for the next few months. I have had my eye on a few styles that are worth noting because I am seeing a trend in what I am loving these days…

Aritzia White Bow Dress | Aritzia Basket Bag | Mules (on sale)

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We are little over halfway through June and I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by. After taking some time off to reflect on this space, I finally have a clear vision again.

For the first time, after 9 years of blogging, I was feeling the burnt out and I needed a little break. I didn’t know it would last this long, but I am glad I took the time and really focused on what I wanted. I spent more time with friends, my husband and focused on quality time instead of trying to capture the moment. Did I miss it? At first, totally! But as the weeks went on, it was nice to just live my life and not feel the need to post an Instastory on my daily walk with the pups. This being said, capturing beautiful moments makes me happy and I am ready to get back to it. I missed my community here, my conversations on Instagram with friends, and creating just for myself. In all honesty, the last few months all of my creativity was being pulled into my other job (that I should mention I am absolutely LOVING!). My cup has been overflowing creating work for other people instead of myself and I was totally content until I realized I was missing a little piece of myself––this space that I have nurtured for the last nine years.

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Just in time for summer and pool weather, Serena and Lily is having a major 20% off site wide sale to celebrate the long weekend!

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