First I want to start by saying, I am by no means an expert when it comes to makeup. Honestly, most days I am makeup-free, but when I do put on my face, there are five products I cannot live without.

Tee /Jeans / Foundation / Concealer  / Highlighter / Blush / Mascara 

I never realized how essential a good skincare regimen is to perfecting makeup, until I found my makeup was going on differently once I started my daily routine.  To create that ever-desired dewy look, your skin must be healthy and hydrated.

5 steps to an effortless makeup look

Pre Makeup: If you don’t know (or haven’t read) how much I am a fan of Tata Harper, I cannot recommend the skincare products enough.


After I cleanse and moisturize, I use 2 pumps of Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation with SPF 15 with this brush. Honestly, if you asked me 6 months ago, I would tell you I hated foundation. I felt like a cake face and opted for a powder. After chatting with a friend about her dewy skin, she recommended trying this foundation instead of power.  I have dry skin and this sheer coverage is perfect for covering discoloration and soaks into your skin without leaving a film on top.


This is one of two products I would bring with me to a deserted island.  It’s magic. For someone who struggles with dark under eye circles, this product instantly brightens and opens my eyes. I use a mini beauty blender with a little water. This smooths the makeup and creates a dewey finish.


I have been using this blush since high school.  My mom introduced me to NARS Dolce Vita and I haven’t looked back. It’s been a tried and true product that will forever be in my makeup drawer.


This highlighter is a new-ish product in my daily routine.  A few months ago I went into Blue Mercury to pick up some new skincare products and the gal offered to do my makeup. I hesitantly said yes, because I normally hate when others do my makeup. I walked out with three products and feeling like a million bucks. Her advice, use a highlighter.  Ever since, I have been wearing this product on my cheek bones, tip of the nose and top of my lip.


The search for the perfect mascara continues. I’ve tried drug store brands and designer brands and I am currently I am loving this one. What is your favorite mascara?


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