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I have something to confess:

I have been terrible at cooking at home.  I was totally burnt out since moving from Ohio over a year ago, where I was constantly at the grocery store and having to make every meal at home seven days a week. So I decided to take a little break when moving to Dallas, but it has seemed to spiral out of control.  Having Whole Foods within walking distance from our house, it is so hard to not just pick up a quick salad or their prepared food even though I could make these things for half the price.   Does anyone have this problem?  I guess it is not really a problem but there is just something so good about cooking at home.

My late 20-something self is trying to figure out how to get back on track. Thanks to all of our family and friends for outfitting our kitchen with the latest and best products, I feel like I have no excuse to not be cooking at home at least 5 days a week.  So, I am coming here for your help? What are your grocery store secrets? Do you meal plan? How do you not let your groceries sit in your fridge until they go bad?  Guys, I need major help…



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  1. Emily
    Emily says:

    Meal planning is a chore, but you have to keep it fun! Do you follow any food blogs? I would look into some that you like and maybe check out a few new cook books. My boyfriend and I do our grocery shopping on the weekend, so I make sure to sit down and really think about what kind of food I want to eat that week and plan before we leave the house. I count on making 3 meals a week, with the inbetween days for leftovers and maybe a meal out, or that one night we all have when we just want Annie’s Mac and cheese…haha. I try to make at least one new recipe a week, for years practice as well as to use some of those cookbooks! Pinterest is also a great tool to find good recipes you think you may like. Once you have chosen those, try to shop around those recipes. Even better if you pick recipes that have ingredients that overlap…a skill I am still developing! I also highly recommend the app called Paperless…it’s an app where you just make lists and you can check items off as you go. Essential in my meal prep at home and while I’m shopping! As far as wasted food…I think it’s a daily human struggle. Try not to over buy, and be realistic with your habits. Like if you buy a pound of grapes and some bananas, are you really going to want oranges too? Sure, it’s cheaper to buy four of those instead of two to get a grocery store deal, but will you eat them? I know it sounds like a lot of info and seems daunting, but once you sit down and really look at your work schedule, your eating habits, and the time you have to cook, it will get a lot easier. It’s not that big of a learning curve :) Good luck with everything! :)

      ALI LEIGH says:

      This is seriously the best advice ever! Thanks so much Emily! This is just the kickstart I need to get myself to the store.

  2. Kelli Eden
    Kelli Eden says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! Have you heard of Blue Apron? We signed up for 3 dinners a week for 60$. You don’t have to think! They send you organic ingredients and recipes of things that would cost a fortune if you had to but fresh bc you can’t buy the small amounts of herbs and things they send you. It’s just the right amount for your recipe. We’ve enjoyed the unique delicious meals and I’ve learned a lot of great cooking techniques I didn’t know. I have cancelled the next few weeks though because it was taking a lot of time to chop and prep and I have a 4 year old and 21 month old and work so it was hard to find the time to prep with the 21 month old getting into everything! I’ll find your email address and send you a week free to try!

  3. Loren Beckmen
    Loren Beckmen says:

    I second Blue Apron. The recipes have been great and I love that we don’t have food waste. You could even consider the family plan and you’d have enough for dinner and lunch the next day. Good luck! I really dislike meal planning and cooking too!

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