We started our morning with coffee, a family dance party and some waffles. While the world feels chaotic outside, there is something so special about this time at home. I am really soaking up this time as our little family of 5. Hopefully this list will take your mind off of a few things while staying at home.

GET DRESSED. I have been working from home for the last seven years and my number one piece of advice is to get up, shower and get dressed for the day. Even if you are not going anywhere other than your sofa or home office. The outfit doesn’t have to be fancy. Mine looks like some version of this, these, this and these on the daily. Just trust me, you are so much more productive when you put on clothes and brush your hair. With a three month old, my schedule looks a little different than it used to, so I squeeze in everything between naps and sometimes I end up wearing leggings and sneakers (loving this colorway) until I find the time to fit in a quick workout. Also, I feel like it can’t go without saying, any of you mamas out there with toddlers or school age kids are rockstars during this time!

TAKE UP A HOBBY. To end your work day or keep things interesting during the weekend, this is the perfect time to try something new. I am thinking about pulling out my paints tonight. It’s been a minute since I poured myself a glass of wine and spent a few hours with my watercolors. A few other ideas: start a puzzle, order an adult coloring book, take up needlepointing, or read a new book.

MOVE YOUR BODY. I started testing out at-home workouts after I was cleared at my 6 week appointment and have been loving the Obe Fitness postpartum workouts and yoga.I just started incorporating some Dance Cardio into the mix and have slowly been hoping back on my Peleton. I am slowly easing back into daily workouts, but for all of you ready to get a good sweat, try Melissa Wood Health and Sculpt Society.

GET OUTSIDE. Take a walk, ride your bike or just step outside and take a few deep breaths. The fresh air is good for your soul.

RETAIL THERAPY. Granted, my days and nights are still a little sleepless as of late so I find myself window shopping at all hours. There are so many great sales happening right now and I cannot think of a better way to help support small businesses. A few to note: All Good Things, Weezie, Jenni Kayne, and The Tot. Share any other small businesses in the comments below!

WATCH SOMETHING. We have been watching A LOT of shows. I blame it on being new parents and enjoying just zoning out at the end of the day. A few recent favorites: The Banker, Little Fires Everywhere, Homeland, Yellowstone and A Million Little Things. Try a Nancy Meyers marathon for a little escape from reality. It’s Complicated will make you want to renovate your kitchen.

NEED SOME NEW INSPO: I love scrolling on Pinterest and saving pretty things. A few Instagram accounts to follow: @jillian_eversole, @nicolabathiemclaughlin, @hibcuslinens, @lucycuneo, and @bowsandblue

SELF CARE. I just posted my daily skincare routine. Since you may be working from home, try a new mask or take a long bath at the end of the day. Look on the bright side, at least your daily commute is much shorter these days :)

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