We are little over halfway through June and I can’t believe how quickly this year is flying by. After taking some time off to reflect on this space, I finally have a clear vision again.

For the first time, after 9 years of blogging, I was feeling the burnt out and I needed a little break. I didn’t know it would last this long, but I am glad I took the time and really focused on what I wanted. I spent more time with friends, my husband and focused on quality time instead of trying to capture the moment. Did I miss it? At first, totally! But as the weeks went on, it was nice to just live my life and not feel the need to post an Instastory on my daily walk with the pups. This being said, capturing beautiful moments makes me happy and I am ready to get back to it. I missed my community here, my conversations on Instagram with friends, and creating just for myself. In all honesty, the last few months all of my creativity was being pulled into my other job (that I should mention I am absolutely LOVING!). My cup has been overflowing creating work for other people instead of myself and I was totally content until I realized I was missing a little piece of myself––this space that I have nurtured for the last nine years.

So, you are probably wondering if things are going to change around here, well the answer is no, not really. Since I started this blog in 2010, I have always shared a little piece of my life. This has been a personal blog and my journey through my 20s and now, my 30s. Whether that be products I am loving, things inspiring me, travel, or even a new recipe or workout plan, this space is me and I honestly I would never want to change that. This being said, I want to focus more on stories that create a community and conversation again. I know there is a lot of website out there and I am grateful y’all keep coming back (or even if you are new, hi!).

Now that we got my little life rant out of the way, I have so many new things to share with you!

New Products. There are a few products I have been using the last couple months that cannot go without sharing. This Kosas Tinted Face Oil––I have shade 5, may be my favorite purchase of 2019. I also bought a dry brush, this moisturizer, and a Molekule (total game changer at our house). I have really been intentional with my purchases this year and trying to only buy things that either are necessities or add value to our life. I have also been super focused on trying to live a more natural life and removing toxins from our house. I started using this body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and swapped out my cleaning supplys. We still have a long way to go, but small changes help!

Summer Wardrobe. Last year I invested in some really good pieces, so I haven’t purchased a ton of new clothes this year––I’m just starting to get the itch to add a few new dresses for the rotation that I will be sharing soon. This being said, some of my best purchases were these denim shorts, these tees (I have it in grey, white and black), this swimsuit, and these sandals. A few new items I added this summer: this swimsuit, this dress, this skirt, this white tee, this denim top, these jeans, and these sandals.

My New Hobby. I may have mentioned this last month, but I started taking tennis lessons. I used to play when I was little, but never really interested and I think I stopped by the time I was ten. For the last year, I have been getting the itch to play again and I am so excited I finally did it! It has been so much fun to take up a new hobby. I should mention the clothes are a major bonus. I bought this skirt and this polo for my first lesson. Tory Sport really has the cutest gear! Since I am playing a few times a week, I have since added a few of these skirts to my cart. Also, in case you are curious, these are the tennis shoes I have been wearing and loving.

Summer Plans. We originally had a long list of summer plans and at the last minute we have cut back! We are hoping to still make it out to Nantucket for a few days in July to spend time with Mackenzie and Will, but other than that, I am actually looking forward to a summer at home spending time at the pool, playing tennis, and hanging with friends. I am hoping to squeeze a quick trip to Colorado in to escape the heat, but TBD…

So are you ready for some regular ADOD again? I am really looking forward to sharing what is coming next…

Tory Sport

Tennis Skirt

Polo Ralph Lauren

Midi Dress

Carrie Forbes


xox- a dash of details

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  1. Katherine
    Katherine says:

    Just wanted to say your blog is one of my forever favorites and I am so excited to see where you’ll take it next!! You’ve been missed! xx


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