Spring Wedding Guest Dress with White Clutch

With our refrigerator covered in beautiful invitations from some of our best friends and family, it is wedding season around here.  With wedding season comes the dreaded question, “What am I going to wear?”  While the dream would to be to purchase a new dress for every shower, engagement party, rehearsal dinner and wedding, it is not extremely realistic without spending all of the money.  I am all about the re-wear, particularly a classic black dress, but when the guest list overlaps with another, I have a hard time pulling from my closet.

Tory Burch Dress via Rent the Runway (c/o) / Blue Heels / White Clutch / Celine Sunglasses / Coordinates Coordinates Collection Bracelet / Earrings

A Dash of Details in Rent the Runway Dress Back of Tory Burch Blue and White Floral Dress from Rent the Runway Steve Madden Blue Suede Heeled Sandals RTR_ToryBurch_2 Tory Burch Blue and White Dress with Celine Sunglasses

With over a dozen wedding themed events this season, I recently partnered with Rent the Runway to help with that dreaded question, “what do I wear to this black-tie optional wedding on a beach?” If you are not familiar with RTR, you can read my post here.  The site breaks down the dress code so you don’t have to.  Does anyone else get wrapped up in the wording on the invitations? People get so creative nowadays that it can get a little overwhelming.  When it comes to weddings there are a few rules I always follow.  They may be outdated or old school, but I know when I got married, the last thing I wanted to worry about is what my guests were wearing.

NEVER WEAR WHITE:  I don’t care if this rule is old-school. My advice is to never wear white to a wedding unless the inviation calls for it.  If you are engaged and starting the plan a wedding, this is something I love! An all white beach wedding is soo chic.

FOLLOW THE “DRESS CODE”: Rent the Runway makes this easy when looking for a dress. You can choose the event from their wedding guide and then click the formality.  That way you stay on task and on the “dress code” without getting distracted by that cute sundress that you don’t really need.

BE COMFORTABLE:  Every bride and groom (at least that we know) wants their reception to be a par-tay.  Make sure to wear a dress and shoes that you can dance in all night long.  Okay, let’s be honest you will probably taking off those shoes after the first dance.  These are my go-to wedding shoes.  I can wear them all night long.

DON’T WEAR RED (OR NEON):  So you might not agree with this rule, but my rule of thumb when it comes to being a wedding guest is to never outshine the bride. My worst nightmare is that my dress stands out in all of the pictures.

Do you have any other rules to follow when attending a wedding?


Tory Burch Dress via Rent the Runway (c/o) / Blue Heels / White Clutch / Celine Sunglasses / Coordinates Coordinates Collection Bracelet / Earrings

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