Snowmagedon…. well, that is what they keep calling it on the news. Being from Arizona, I am so lost when it comes to snow storms.  Everyone kept telling me to go buy eggs and milk, keep my faucet dripping, and find a high school kid on the block to shovel the driveway for you.  Well, I did all of those things and I am safe and sound (thanks to all of my friends) but, I am just loving the snow (well, and being able to work from home). 

It is pretty crazy because my family and a few friends called me yesterday and told me it was snowing in Scottsdale. But, when they say snow, I mean a light dusting, like you run outside to take a picture and it is gone.  So today I am a little out of my element, but I am loving every second of it.  

xox- a dash of details 

images taken by Ali for A Dash of Details 

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