Under 100 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

A girlfriend and I were chatting over the weekend about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and how many great items we found for under $100. I though it was only fitting to share our finds with all of you! So here we go, everything is under $100 and is soo good.

1. Free People Sweater / 2. Crop Flare Jeans / 3. Workout Tank / 4. Sleep Shirt / 5. Sunglasses / 6. Rodin Face Oil and Lotion / 7. Earrings / 8. Puffy Jacket / 9. No Show Socks / 10. Serving Platter / 11. Hunter Rain Boots / 12. Wrap Sweater

What have been you been stocking up on during the sale so far?

xox- a dash of details

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