La Vaquita Partnership

I definitely wouldn’t call myself a pro in the kitchen, but there are a few items on my rotating menu that I have been told from time to time are the best they’ve ever had. One of those meals is breakfast tacos. Simple, yet delicious and if you live in Texas, you know tacos are a staple no matter what time of day.

With breakfast tacos being on our menu at least four times a week, I like to switch up my recipe and add fresh ingredients to keep the hubs on his toes.  Honestly, the key to good breakfast tacos is fresh ingredients. Recently, I picked up some La Vaquita Queso Fresco Crumbles at Central Market to add a little mild and smooth texture to the dish. I love that adding authentic Mexican cheese really amplifies the flavors of this simple dish. The fluffy eggs, Queso Fresco crumbles, avocado slices combined with the crunch of the watermelon radish and jalapeño make for the perfect marriage of flavors.  Then I drizzled a little of the Crema Mexicana to offset the heat of the jalapeños and let me tell you, it was perfection.  This recipe has become the most requested dish in our house. The best part, it takes less than 15 minutes to prepare.

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First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with family and friends. Today is the first day I pulled out my computer in 5 days! I honestly cannot remember the last time I have ever done that. It felt so great to unplug and really enjoy quality time with my family in Arizona.  We are headed back to Dallas today and I am excited to start prepping for a little New Year’s eve get together at our house.

With a little help from La Vaquita, I am sharing my three go-to appetizer recipes that will be a hit at any get-together and how to host a stress-free New Year’s eve party.

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