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Do you ever wish you could figure out how to get a perfect blowout at home?

Whenever I get my hair cut, I always try and make my blowout last for as many days after since I can never seem to get it perfect after the first wash.  My hair is naturally curly (and not the pretty curls that you would lust over). Since I was young I have been blowing out my locks and then using all the hot tools to smooth out that frizz.  What I didn’t realize is that I just needed the right brushes to use to get that lasting blowout like at the salon.


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How I get the perfect blowout:

Step 1: Towel dry your hair right after you hop out of the shower to get all of the excess moisture out and then comb through it with a wide tooth comb.

Step 2: Add a small amount of a heat protection product. This is my favorite for shiny and protected hair.

Step 3: I flip my head over and use my fingers and the hair dryer to take out some more moisture.

Step 4: Divide hair into sections.

Step 5: Take the Hot Paddle brush and pull from root to tip with hair dryer.  The plates retain heat so your hair drys faster and promotes faster straightening.

Step 6: After all the sections are dried with the Hot Paddle brush, I typically run my Glosser brush to reduce any frizz and create shine.

Step 7 (Optional):  The “do everything” Square brush is used for curls.  If I am looking to jazz up my everyday hair, this brush is perfect for those loose curls without using a curling iron.

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