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Well, this post was originally to be titled, “How to Stay Healthy During Flu Season,” but after coming down with a bug last week that completely knocked me off my feet, I decided I am no longer an expert on how to not get sick during flu season. ;)

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On Sunday night, I was bit by the flu bug and in bed the rest of the week. I finally started feeling better around the end of the week, but spent the weekend taking it easy and trying to get back to 100%. So, minus the fact that I am feeling behind and will be playing catch up all week, I have some tips on how to stay/get healthy this year.

If there was only one tip I could share it would be to take time to take care of yourself. In this fast pace world we are living in, it is so easy to get run down. We are all guilty of moving a mile of minute through the week, working endless hours at the computer, skipping lunches, going to bed late, and then all at once, it catches up with you. Before this happens, I suggest taking even 30 minutes for yourself every day. For me, it’s the mornings. Lately, I pour myself a cup of coffee and spend a few extra minutes in the bathroom doing my morning skincare routine.  I noticed just a few extra scrubs of my favorite cleanser gives me that extra little boost throughout my day. Keep scrolling for more tips.

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Take your vitamins. You think this would be an easy task, but for me, taking a daily vitamin is something I struggle with on a daily basis. Anyone else?!  After getting sick, I added some immunity supplements to my regimen in the morning.

Sleep an extra hour. We all know how important good sleep is, so squeezing in an extra hour on the front or back end will help your body rest and recover quicker. I am all about spending a Saturday or Sunday in bed all day. This sounds easy, but for someone like me who is always on the go, letting your body completely relax is a bigger feat than you might imagine.

Work out. Opposite to sleep and rest, for me, working out and sweating help keep a sane mind. Trying to get at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity keeps me healthy and happy.

Clean eating. Well, I should really practice what I preach, but I haven’t mastered this tip just yet. When I did the Whole30 last year, I was the healthiest (mind and body) I have ever been. Also, eating raw fruits and vegetables allow for maximum absorption of vitamins and minerals. So, I will be drinking all the green juice until Spring.  But in all seriousness, I am by no means a doctor, and eating clean is just something that just works for me.

Stay healthy, friends!

Side Note:This robe is the softest thing of all time and I have been wearing it non-stop when I am getting ready in the morning.  ;)

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