The sun shining through the window, the smell of a hot cup of coffee, and the idea of slow mornings––these are the things that fill my cup. This weekend is all about cleaning (my house and my mind), oh, and a fun birthday brunch for a dear friend. Happy Sunday, friends

I have been fighting the idea of really getting healthy since Jan. 1, but I finally realized this weekend it was time to do a hard reset. I fell pretty far off the healthy eating wagon before the holidays and my workout schedule has been less than consistent, but this is the week we get back to it! I decided to do a version of the 5 Day Detox Plan and Working Girl Detox from Goop. So, I am headed to the grocery store later today and I will share some of my favorite recipes here next week.

Along with cleaning up my eating, I am cleaning out my closet. January always leaves me in a bit of a rut in the clothing department. My daily uniform follows the same formula: sweater, jeans, and mules (or boots). I am not planning on changing my daily look, but I am freshening it up with my favorite neutrals. Monochromatic looks are going to get me through the rest of these winter months.

I have had a major itch to plan a trip to Paris. Currently looking at flights now…

Patrick has been under the weather all weekend, so we have been watching all the Netflix. We Just finished YOU and Friends from College (Season 2). Have you seen any good shows lately?

I’m headed to Charleston at the end of the month and the resort styles are getting me excited for the warm weather.

A few brands to note: Doen (new season arrives on Tuesday) | Rhode Resort | Faithfull the Brand | LoveShackFancy | Ulla Johnson | The Sleeper

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