Well, it feels like some funny (okay, not funny) timing that just as I was ready to get out and about in the world again, we are stuck at home. Our little baby boy is three months today and I have all sorts of feelings. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Between the holidays, flu season and a few other personal circumstances, we honestly have spent much of the last three months at home. We really got a head start on this whole “new” normal everyone is experiencing around the world. So, this week I was going to finally start blogging on a regular routine again, creating some fun and exciting new content and I hope this space can bring you joy in a strange time.

Are you ready for a big life update? So, it’s been a minute and I think we last left off with me in my third trimester. Honestly, I feel so lucky I had minimal symptoms throughout my pregnancy, other than being super uncomfortable starting around week 37. Thanks to the advice of a few girlfriends; relaxing baths, lots of naps and medicine ball bouncing got me through those last few weeks of pregnancy. I think I was so excited to meet our little boy that I didn’t even mind the discomfort, but then again I am pretty sure I have already blacked out all of the pain that came along with being pregnant and delivery. What they say is totally true, because at the end of all of it, you get the most precious gift of all.

I have really enjoyed the quiet time during the last few months, I’ve learned how to slow down and really enjoy those in-between moments. We have spent a lot of our days taking walks (when it’s not raining in Dallas), playing on this mat, singing and enjoying all of the cuddles. I really am just trying to soak up every second. I have dreamt of this moment for so long and its even better than I’ve ever imagined. Our new normal is pretty different than my life before and I can’t wait to start sharing with y’all again! We have been cooking every night, taking my time and slowing getting back in shape, and dreaming up all the design plans for our new house. So while my outfits haven’t changed, my world is totally different and I can’t wait to take you along on the ride.

All this being said, I know all of us are currently living in an unprecedented and unknown time, a lot of you are working in new environments with kids at home, but I hope we can figure out this new normal together! So, I would love to hear from you…what do you want to see on A Dash of Details?

xox- a dash of details

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