Are you a morning person? I wrote this post around the same time last year about my tricks on becoming a morning person. This being said, during these winter months I was finding myself sleeping later and falling out of my morning routine. Honestly, the mornings are my favorite part of the day, where I find the most productivity and find myself generally happier.

This week, I finally kicked the sleeping in habit and started back on my daily morning routine and I have to say, I feel happier, less anxious and full of energy. So, I thought I would share my top five tips on how to have a better morning.


Go to bed earlier. I know this tip may be easier said than done, but I noticed that this makes all the difference in kick starting your new routine. I feel lucky to be able to get 8-10 hours of solid sleep a night (sorry for all my mama friends out there! Y’all are rockstars!). I try to lay down in bed my 10pm at the latest. Sometimes we watch a show, but most of the time when my head hits the pillow it’s lights out. I have been using this Sleep Spray. Not sure if it works, but it smells amazing. I also take magnesium supplements which help with sleep, too.


Set an alarm. This may sound like a no brainer, but I have a strange internal alarm clock that wakes me up at the same time everyday. When I am out of my routine, I tend to close my eyes and fall back asleep for an extra hour, but instead I have been setting my alarm which has helped me get back on track. Whatever time you start your day, set your alarm two hours before you have to be at work, carpool, school, etc.


Drink celery juice. Okay, I know, I know, celery juice is trending. I have to say, I have been drinking it since September and it works!


Move your body. For me, I think working out is all about what works best for your body. So whether that is spinning, going on a walk/run, pilates, or yoga, moving your body in the morning will kick start your day in the best way possible.


Get your day started. After my workout, I shower, make a cup of coffee and a quick breakfast, and head out the door for the day. These little tips really help me start off my day on the right foot! If y’all have any tips and tricks for your morning routine, I would love to hear!

xox- a dash of details