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It’s a question that comes up a lot in everyday conversation, are you a morning person?

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I have always been a morning person (even in high school) and the most productive between the hours of 7:30am and noon. Ask anyone who knows me, I wake up in a great mood––maybe even “too happy” as Patrick likes to say. I wish I had the secret potion to my morning perkiness, but truth is, I have been this way since I was a little girl.

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Being the morning person in our family, I have a few tips for converting my ‘night owl’ husband to a morning person, like me.


Go to bed early (like before 10:30pm): This is the tip I give all my “non-morning person” friends.  While it might take some time to actually fall asleep at the beginning, you will get used to the early bed time.  The idea is that you get at least 7 hours of sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

No phone zone: Grabbing your phone the second your alarm goes off is a total time crusher. I suggest getting out of bed before looking at your phone to avoid staying in bed for hours reading emails or scrolling through Instagram. This also makes that “wake up happy” tip easier, because your mood is not dependent on outside forces. I recommend putting your phone across the room, so you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm.

Workout in the morning: Working out will actually give you more energy throughout the day. I just read this article about the benefits of working out in the morning. Think: improved productivity, boosted metabolism, better sleep, better diet, and more likely to be consistent.

Only drink one cup of coffee: I should really take my own advice, but drinking only one cup of coffee after your workout should be enough to keep you going all day and allow for a better night sleep.

Wake up happy: There might be scientific research on this topic, but I haven’t done a deep dive on this topic, so this is totally my own opinion. Every morning I wake up and tell myself, “today is going to be a great day.” Try it and let me know if it works for you!

Wash your face with cold water: An instant wake up call.  Every morning I use this cleanser and then splash cold water on my face to wake me up!

So I would love to know, are you a morning person or a night owl?

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  1. Veronica Bucher
    Veronica Bucher says:

    Hello from a total NON morning person! All these tips were actually wildly helpful and I plan on putting at least one into practice, especially the “only one cup of coffee” bit! :) Just found your blog, and I’m very happy I did! Much luck and success xoxo

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