Since cutting five inches off my hair, (I am acting so dramatic, it’s really not that short) I am trying to make sure it stays as healthy as possible.  I was started to get a bunch of split ends which was the reason for cutting in the first place ––I know, not cute.

Shampoo / Conditioner / Hair Mask / Blow Dryer / Curling Iron / Brush / Living Proof Body Builder / Dry Shampoo /  Oil Spray

At my appointment last week, my hair dresser recommended I try and only wash my hair every third day and limit the amount of heat styling. For someone who has curly/frizzy hair and works out five days a week, this task is harder than you would think. Keep scrolling for the products I have been using that are saving my hair! 


SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: I have actually been wanting to switch to an all natural regimen, but I haven’t found one that I love just yet. If you know of any good natural brands, I am all ears! My absolute favorite is this Kérastase Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner. I have been using ti for years and it really locks in the moisture without leaving your hair feeling greasy.

HAIR MASK: Once a week, I do this hair mask and it leaves my hair feeling so fresh and shiny.  I have also been wanting to try this scalp scrub from GOOP.


After I get out of the shower I use this towel to dry my hair. My mom actually got it for me because she said it helps with breakage and also, dries your hair faster than a normal towel.  After I soak up most of the moisture, I use a wide tooth comb and this blow dry primer and heat protector.

HAIRDRYER:  This hairdryer was a game changer for me. My entire life I used inexpensive ones that would constantly break (and were probably breaking my hair, too).  I bought this one a few years ago and I will never turn back.  My hair texture is pretty frizzy/curly so I blow dry in sections and it takes me about 8 minutes total.

CURLING IRON: I use the T3 Curling Iron with either a 1 inch barrel or wand depending on the look I am going for at the moment.  I know it is a little pricey, but honestly it is worth every penny. I can curl my entire head in less than 3 minutes.

OIL SPRAY: Once I am done with my styling, I do a few sprays at the end with this Oil Spray. It locks in the moisture and gives you shiny, smooth hair.


My hair tends to have good texture on day 1, so I opt out of using a ton of products because it ends up just weighing it down.  However, on Day 2 and 3, it needs a little extra love.

DRY SHAMPOO: This has been a game changer before and after workouts.  I have been using the Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam and I love it because it doesn’t leave your hair feeling dirty.  I have also used the Living Proof Dry Shampoo in the past and love it, too!

BODY BUILDER:  I recently starting using the Living Proof Body Builder to give my hair a little extra texture and volume on the next day. I spray it in two sections and then run the brush over for a fresh look.


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