Well, we here we are again, a week before Christmas and I still am missing gifts for the most difficult people on my list (cough, cough: dad and husband)

  1. Common Projects Sneakers | 2. iPhone Case | 3. Polo Shirt | 4. Ember Mug | 5. Portable Speaker | 6. Yeti Water Bottle | 7. Book | 8. Sneakers | 9. Notebook | 10. Le Labo Body Wash | 11. Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls

Since our timeline is a little rushed, all of these gifts can be delivered with 2 day shipping (mostly free, too!). I had a game plan this Black Friday to check off everyone on my list, but somehow these two guys always give me the most trouble.  Do you have anyone like that on your list? One that doesn’t want anything and the one who has everything they need. Just the worst, jk, jk. 

All jokes aside, I broke down some of my dad and husband’s favorite gifts from the past, so hopefully it will help you check them off the rest of your list.  


Always a fan favorite in our house.  Golf, running, drivers, boots, or athleisure, shoes are bound to be a hit during Christmas day.  This pair is one of Patrick’s favorite gifts because he wears them almost everyday.  


This case is such a great gift!  I just love the blind deboss monogram. 


This is where it gets tricky for me.  I typically go with the standard boxers, socks, golf balls, etc. This year I wanted to add in something special, like this temperature controlled coffee mug (seriously, how cool is this!) and this notebook.  


*Today is all about last minute gifts, so head back to the blog this afternoon for a double dose of gifts ideas. 

xox- a dash of details

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