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Throughout the year I keep a running wish list of items that I dream of owning (some big, some small).  Around the holidays I  treat myself to one thing on my list that I had been lusting over all year long.

1. Heart Earrings | 2. Gucci Princeton Mules | 3. Glow Serum | 4. Cozy Sweater (under $100) | 5. Essential Oil Diffuser | 6. Blanket | 7. Silk PJs | 8. Dyson Hair Dryer | 9. Watch | 10. Sweater | 11. Golden Goose Sneakers | 12. Hunting Season Bag

I thought it would be fun to share my wish list to hopefully give you some ideas to add to list for Santa this year.

STATEMENT EARRINGS: I have had heart eyes on Rebecca de Ravenel earrings since she launched her famous le bons bons a few years ago. These statement hearts would be perfect for holiday parties.

ALL ABOUT OILS: I have to admit ever since Liz started posting about how essential oils changed her and her families lives, I have been completely hooked! I really want to get my own set and start playing around with the different mixtures! This diffuser would look pretty good in our kitchen if you ask me :)

IF YOU’VE BEEN REALLY GOOD: So I haven’t been this good this year, but I think you deserve a Cartier ;)

TIME SAVERS: So I really do love my T3 hair dryer, but this Dyson is really compelling. The fact that it dries your hair in about three minutes is super enticing.


xox- a dash of details

*If you are in need of a hostess gift, be sure to check out last week’s gift guide. 

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