With this gloomy, cold weather in full force in Kansas City I have been getting the winter blues and seriously missing Arizona.  Growing up in a place where 95% of the days are filled with sunshine and above normal temps, you get accustom (some call it spoiled) to eating outside, hiking, and wearing open toed shoes year round.  Moving to Kansas City was definitely an adjustment when it came to weather. I do absolutely love having all four seasons,even watching snow fall, but nothing compares to a warm March day in AZ. Since I moved, I try to make it home at least five times a year to visit family and friends, and I am certainly do for another trip.  But with lots of weddings and work events this year, it is definitely hard to make a spur of the moment trip happen.  So here I am, slightly homesick and needing a little AZ pick me up. I suppose these cacti will do for now and the thought of 85 degrees.

xox- a dash of details

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