Fall Style Ideas

Summer is not over, summer is not over…if I keep repeating it, maybe time will pause, right?! Okay, okay but in all honesty we are nearing the end of summer and I have been thinking about my Fall wardrobe and a few upcoming trips we have planned. While, summer will always be my favorite season, there is some refreshing about Fall style.  Sweaters, monotone dressing, and streamlined looks are getting me excited for the cooler months to come.

Mules / Cardigan / Ring / Trench Coat / Skirt / White Tee / Ganni Sweater / Headband / Cream Pants / Travel Wrap

Tortoise Details: These adorable mules will be perfect with straight leg jeans. I am in love with the tortoise details. A few other tortoise details include these earrings, this bag, and these sunglasses.

Chunky Cardi’s: This darling Polo one has been on the top of my list. Also, Dôen just released their Fall collection and it is sooo good. It has me craving browns, greens and muted tones.

Bling Bling: My mom surprised me with this gorgeous ring for my birthday. It has three little diamonds for the big 3-0. How cute is that?! Her sister introduced her to the brand in Sag Harbor this summer and I am loving everything from Lana.

Rain, Rain Go Away: It has been raining on and off for a week here in Dallas and while the temps are not cool enough yet, the rain has me thinking about finding the perfect new trench coat. This oneI is just $110 and so chic.

On Trend: For the most part I stay clear of most trends, I am totally on board with this wild one.  The leopard and cheetah print has always been something I’ve loved, but I am super picky about the print. Love this one from Relisation Par, this &Other Stories midi, and this darling one.

Best White Tee: My search for the best white tee continues. I have a confession: I have an entire drawer dedicated to white tees, but I am always searching for new ones to add to my collection. Some current favorites in my rotation: this ALC one, my go-to Redone (I have both a small and medium), a forever favorite, and my budget friendly favoriteThis FRAME one is the next on my list to try.

Too Early?: I know it’s a little early for sweater weather talk, but these Ganni sweaters look so cute. They come in a bunch of colors and I think it might be a staple this Fall.

Headbands are back: If you knew me in college, I was all about that Blair Waldorf look from Gossip Girl. I have always been a fan of the headband and I am glad the trend is making a comeback.

Wide Leg Pants: I have been wanting to try this style for sometime and I finally put it in my Shopbop cart, so stay tuned for my thoughts… I am picturing these styled with a white tee, brown sandals and a few gold accessories.

For my travels: One of my necessities when I travel is my Travel Wrap.  My dark grey one has seen better days over the last 4 years and I am thinking I need to add a new one to my collection.  What are your thoughts on the sand color?  Also, if you are wondering––they are worth every penny. ;)


xox- a dash of details

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