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When it comes to my winter beauty routine, the first thing I think about is moisturizer. With the dry, cold weather my skin begs for something silky and soft.  Last year, I was introduced to Tata Harper and her amazing all natural skincare line.  Ever since that first introduction, I have been trying all of her products, however my absolute favorite is her Reparative Moisturizer.  Not only does it smell amazing but it keeps my face feeling refreshed all day. Since Tata uses only natural ingredients, I know the products are wonderful for my skin and I love the glow it gives my face in the morning.

I have talked about this before, but now being in my mid-twenties I have really tried to focus on taking care of my skin.  This fall I was able to stop into the Espa Spa for my first-ever facial (I do not know why I waited so long to experience the amazingness).  Like I already knew, the esthetician told me my skin was extremely dry.  Espa Spa at the Joule has their own line of amazing moisturizers and she recommended I use the Calm and Soothing line to give me that supple and silky skin I was looking for. Both products are my go-to in my morning and night routine.  I always love to hear about new and amazing products, do you have any favorite winter products you love?

*Tata Harper is offering 15% off this week by using the code FF2014


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