There is something about cooler temps that turns me into such a homebody. A cozy blanket, J.Crew Saturday pants, slippers; this trifecta is my answer for the laziest of weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I try not to spend my entire day sitting on the couch, but there are just some days where you need it.  Football season has become my excuse, while the BF is totally focused on every game on both Saturday and Sunday, I have been Pinteresting, napping, and giving the pups lots of loving. I am actually one of those girls who enjoys watching football (that is, I like watching a game or two….NOT all day, but I guess these are the things you do for love).

I have been baking and cooking up a storm to get myself off of the sofa too. I cannot wait to try some recipes from my new cookbook from Lemonade LA, I have already tagged almost every page with a must try sticker.

If you follow along on Instagram, you may have noticed I started running (again).  I have never been a great runner, I chalk it up to weak ankles and low patients.  I used to get bored running on the treadmill and always found an excuse about running outside (too hot or too cold), but last week Patrick and I made a pack to start working out everyday.  I was hesitant to start running again, because I did not want to fail. I always set unrealistic goals that I could never meet which always ended in disappointment.  Last week, in order to conquer my own fear, we started out easy with a mile jog, then two miles, and then I did my first 5k in a long time. It kept getting better yesterday I beat my time and distance (an all time goal). As I get older, I am much more focused on my health and fitness.  Honestly, I grew up dancing at least 5 hours a day, so I never really felt the need to work out, but now I know how important it is for your sanity.  The feel of cool air in your lungs and the high you get from accomplishing your goals is something unexplainable for me. Hopefully one day soon I will have the passion for running like my friend Gaby. But for now I will just take baby steps.

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Hello, weekend. So happy to be home this weekend enjoying a little bit of relaxation and playing a lot of catch up. I have some really fun things in the works for the blog in the upcoming weeks that I am so excited to share with you.  Here are some links from this week: 

Yesterday was my last post for T.J. Maxx and their Fall Style trends. I had so much fun working on this project, and I hope ya’ll enjoyed it too.  In case you missed it, I styled a cashmere cardi 3 ways, played with leather, mixed prints, and talked Fall layers.  

A few of my favorite blogger friends played with Fall layers too! How cute are Jessica and Hallie?  They found some major scores too! 

With the temps dropping like crazy, I have been craving tomato soup, how amazing does this reciepe look from Strudle and Cream I found of Pinterest

Tory Burch is having a crazy 70% off sale, the perfect time to buy this tote I have been dreaming about, and this pair of sandals, even if it means I can’t wear them until next season. Oh and did you see her new amazing home decor line.  Could this pillow get any cuter?  To say I am obsessed is an understatement.  

Did you see this video yet? I was laughing out loud thanks to the Man Repeller’s Best of the Interenet.  

Loving this casual look on Brighton? I mean could she be any more adorable? 

The holidays are coming up and I am so excited for my friend Erin’s DIY party at West Elm! If you are in the Columbus area, be sure to RSVP, you are not going to want to miss this! 

Does anyone else watch Nashville? I am obsessing over the music this season, especially this song 

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the support and following along everyday! 

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Happy Sunday loves! I have been a busy bee this week, hence the lack of posts.  We traveled to Houston this weekend for another wedding. I now have been to every large city in Texas and I have to say, I love them all equally.  While we were only in Houston for less than 72 hours, we packed in lots of activities even including some time by the pool. It was a total bonus considering that we are headed back to frigid temps (and really not looking forward to it).  The only plus for the drop in temperature is that it is officially boot season- you know what that means…time to go shopping! 

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“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.” – Henry Ward Beecher.

Sometimes I forget how such little, trivial things make me so happy.  Like going for a run outdoors, baking delicious cookies- even if it means throwing half of them away, listening to a playlist of 90s music, or picking up a pencil to sketch. These common things seem to spark my happiness and honestly I do not do these things often enough, I get caught up watching tv, browsing Pinterest, or obsessing over work. Finding happiness in the ordinary is something I try and work through everyday, but there are always days where it does not feel so easy. Last week I posted about my old house and how I missed it. I really started thinking, and it wasn’t necessarily the house that I missed but it was the memories that came from living in that house.  While I am still so young (and I know I have so much more to learn), the last two years have been anything but static.  I met some of my best friends living in that house, mine and Patrick’s relationship grew stronger than ever, and I became what I think as an independent lady (I think living by yourself helps with this).  So as I move forward into this next chapter, I am making conscious effort to do the things that make me happy, and blogging is definitely one of my greatest joys.  What are some of those common things that make you happy? I would love to hear.

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I just love the long weekends, especially when they are full of fun plans.  Last night I had so much a great time chatting over drinks with Erin.  She is seriously a rockstar, and I am so excited about her new home decor brand launch, Grandiflora and happy to have a new friend in town.  

If you follow me on Instagram, today we ventured to Columbus for an early morning to get the dogs groomed (I know super exciting things that you probably do not care one second about), but we were able to hop around town, eat some amazing biscuits and gravy at Skillet, have the best iced coffee ever- it was slow drip amazingness, and check out some of the amazing local stores in Short North. 

The remainder of the weekend, we will be relaxing and I will definitely be doing some online shopping.  Since it is Columbus Weekend and all, of course, J.Crew is having 40% off and I think I need everything (well, I probably can’t get everything, so maybe just this sweater, a stripe tee, and another pair of my favorite pj’s.

I hope ya’ll have a wonderful long weekend! 

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Monday, let’s try again tomorrow.  Sorry folks but I guess when I finally let myself rest this weekend, sickness snuck up on me.  I will be in bed with a box of kleenex, hot tea, and my pups today and hopefully I will be better tomorrow.  

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Monday, let’s try again tomorrow.  Sorry folks but I guess when I finally let myself rest this weekend, sickness snuck up on me.  I will be in bed with a box of kleenex, hot tea, and my pups today and hopefully I will be better tomorrow.  

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I have never been known to be a girly girl. I think I have tried to avoid colors like pink and purple because I look so young.  Most of the time people think I am a teenager, now=a=days I take it as a compliment.  While I may not own very many pink outfits, I love a good puckered shoulder or peplum top. Opposite to last week’s menswear post, this week is all about the girly girl (or at least my take on it).  I love a good leather bow, and feminine cut in emerald.  This Fall is all about the midi skirt- I may not be able to wear one on a daily basis but I love this one for a special event, or Holiday party.  

Happy October, friends! 

 Two toned Dress /  Crystal Earrings / Leather Headband / Midi Skirt / Oversized Sunnies / Leather Gloves / Bow Flats / Quilted Purse / Penant Necklace / Peplum Top 


Today, I am over on sweet Gaby’s blog, THE VAULT FILES, talking about my favorite items and must haves in my closet.  Gaby was one of my first blogging friends, and she has been an inspiration to me along the way.

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Sorry for the insta pics, but I decided to not bring my camera on our trip to Dallas and just enjoy.  I just love that city and especially the weather! After arriving late on Friday, we headed straight to dinner at Mi Cocina for some margs and delicious Mexican food, followed by some late night shenanigans at Kung Fu. The whole gang (minus a few in the wedding party) was back together again and I have not laughed so hard in a long time.  The wedding was so beautiful down to every last detail and naturally they had to kick us off the dance floor.  

As of lately:

We made a quick stop at TJ Maxx, and I scored this Rebecca Taylor jacket / A few of you asked where my dress was from- it is BCBG, a few years old / Watched a little football on the plane (Go Cheifs!) / Loving my new Catbird Rings / May or may not have stopped at Wataburger on the way out of town / Enjoying shorts weather / Having too much fun with all of the girls (and I guess Patrick too!) 

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Happy Friday all you lovelies! I wanted to say thank you for all of the sweet emails and comments about my style posts lately. It has been really fun/ weird to get in front of the camera after blogging for almost 4 years and I am absolutely loving every second of it, so thank you!

Anywho, do ya’ll have fun plans for the weekend?  Naturally, Patrick and I are headed on another trip this weekend. We are going to Dallas for one of my besties weddings.  Since it will be a quick trip, we are trying to jam in all of my favorite Dallas spots (I am bummed we will not have time for the Fair). Are there any places/ restaurants that we must stop by tomorrow? I would love to hear your suggestions! 

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