Hello, weekend. So happy to be home this weekend enjoying a little bit of relaxation and playing a lot of catch up. I have some really fun things in the works for the blog in the upcoming weeks that I am so excited to share with you.  Here are some links from this week: 

Yesterday was my last post for T.J. Maxx and their Fall Style trends. I had so much fun working on this project, and I hope ya’ll enjoyed it too.  In case you missed it, I styled a cashmere cardi 3 ways, played with leather, mixed prints, and talked Fall layers.  

A few of my favorite blogger friends played with Fall layers too! How cute are Jessica and Hallie?  They found some major scores too! 

With the temps dropping like crazy, I have been craving tomato soup, how amazing does this reciepe look from Strudle and Cream I found of Pinterest

Tory Burch is having a crazy 70% off sale, the perfect time to buy this tote I have been dreaming about, and this pair of sandals, even if it means I can’t wear them until next season. Oh and did you see her new amazing home decor line.  Could this pillow get any cuter?  To say I am obsessed is an understatement.  

Did you see this video yet? I was laughing out loud thanks to the Man Repeller’s Best of the Interenet.  

Loving this casual look on Brighton? I mean could she be any more adorable? 

The holidays are coming up and I am so excited for my friend Erin’s DIY party at West Elm! If you are in the Columbus area, be sure to RSVP, you are not going to want to miss this! 

Does anyone else watch Nashville? I am obsessing over the music this season, especially this song 

Hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend and I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of the support and following along everyday! 

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image via here (I cannot find the orginial source, please let me know if you do!) I love this clutch! 


High fashion meets the middle of the desert.  If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you probably know about my love for Prada Marfa, and more importantly the talented Gray Malin.  For those of you who do not know about Marfa, it is a small art town in the middle of West Texas that is known for its unique art installations.  We are actually planning a trip for the Spring to finally see the town in person. Since studying Art History in college, I have always felt a close connection with the art world. While, I may not be able to afford all any of the pieces that I truly admire, being able to visit museums, galleries, or even something as special as Marfa keeps that connection alive.  

So back to my love for Prada Marfa.  Last year when Patrick and I moved into our first place, it was important that if we were going to spend money on artwork it had to mean something to us.  I can’t recall exactly what I was doing when I stumbled upon Gray Malin and his Prada Marfa series over a year ago, but I knew that instant that I was going to be a long time fan of his work. Prada Marfa in particular spoke to the both of us because the juxtaposition between the vast desert and high fashion.  

While I absolutely love my first real piece of purchased art, the reason for this post is much larger than my love for material things.  Prada Marfa is being threatened.  Texas lawmakers are suggesting that the art installation on side side of the highway will be permanently shut down. There argument for the shut down is said to be an illegal advertisment.  Now it’s your turn to help #savepradamarfa. Malin is offering an exclusive signed 11″ X 17″ print (shown above) on for only $99.00 with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Ballroom Marfa (a non-profit that supported the installation of Prada Marfa) 

Here are a few words from Gray about the print: 

“The image, titled Pondering Prada Marfa was selected to remind us that although art is supposed to ignite a conversation and force us to dig deeper, it is also for our pleasure and enjoyment. If the installation was torn down it would deny many people a chance to enjoy this incredible ‘pop architectural land-art’ installation. Through this photograph, we hope to bring back Ballroom Marfa’s mission to empower artist to create– art is for art’s sake!”

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Happy Friday all you lovelies! I wanted to say thank you for all of the sweet emails and comments about my style posts lately. It has been really fun/ weird to get in front of the camera after blogging for almost 4 years and I am absolutely loving every second of it, so thank you!

Anywho, do ya’ll have fun plans for the weekend?  Naturally, Patrick and I are headed on another trip this weekend. We are going to Dallas for one of my besties weddings.  Since it will be a quick trip, we are trying to jam in all of my favorite Dallas spots (I am bummed we will not have time for the Fair). Are there any places/ restaurants that we must stop by tomorrow? I would love to hear your suggestions! 

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Happy Weekend, Loves! I don’t know about you but the temps have dropped in my neck of the woods and I put on my boots and sweater this morning (total football weather), while I am not sure if I can kiss summer goodbye, it was nice to put on one of my J Crew favorites.  

So, this weekend has been very low key because of one reason. I may or may not have booked a flight to Dallas for the wrong weekend and was planning to head out Friday morning. Thankfully, my trusty bestie informed me of my error and I immediately changed my flight. Five hundred dollars later meant we were staying put this weekend, so we decided to enjoy the outdoors and watch (still watching) a lot of football- I guess that is what happens when you live with a boy. Since there is still an entire day ahead of you before the ever so exciting work week ahead, I know I will be enjoying my back deck reading my new book (I am so excited about this, you do not even know!), playing with the pups, and I am sure watching a little football.  

Happy Weekend, Y’all!

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Just checking in for a quick hello and to wish you a happy weekend! I will be heading out after work today to enjoy a weekend with my family (sooo excited!).  Hope ya’ll have a fabulous weekend! 

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 So I know this is not exactly as of late, but I have been wanting to share a few shots from behind the scenes of a little video shoot I was a part of in Atlantic Beach with some seriously talented bloggers, Devon, Natalie, Hallie and Mel for Sauza Tequila and Back in June, I headed up to New York for a quick trip that ended up being an experience I will never forget It was such a blast meeting some of my new BFF4L, and being a part of something really special.  The entire staff was fabulous and since this was my first time really being in front of the camera (for a really long time), everyone made us feel like movie stars for the day/night.  After almost 12 hours of shooting we wrapped with Hallie making a big splash into the pool. Stay tuned to see the entire video!

Natalie, Hallie and Mel did some really cute recaps too! Check ’em out. 

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Today is the day, my 25th birthday! We are having a barbecue with old friends and new friends tonight and I am so excited to enjoy the perfect weather outside on our new back deck.  Hope ya’ll have a great day!

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Tomorrow marks my quarter of a century, yes- tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I am so excited to see what the second half of my 20s brings me.  I have been so fortunate to have had such amazing things happen in my early 20s, like graduate college, start a blog, work for a Major League Baseball team, travel to Europe and around the US, meet amazing friends that I feel like I have known forever, live with 12 girls in a house on the hill, live with one roomate (the best eva), and live alone (well with the pups, of course), and now living with a boy.  How things have changed in just 4 small years, but it funny how many changes have happened in my life in that short period of time.  I feel like a completely different person from the day I turned 20. While, I still feel like I have no idea what I am doing, I am just riding out the wave and learning as I go.  A good friend of mine who is in her 30s told me she felt like she changed the most in their 20s, somewhat coming into her own.  I feel like I am still working on that but I am getting closer every day.  Being confident, compassionate and open to learning are going to be my goals for twenty-five.  I just have a feeling this is going to be a good year.  

Thanks for letting me ramble today- I am just feeling nostalgic as I cross over into my next quarter of a century.  

Here are a few things I put on my wish list.  I am really not one that loves to be showered with gifts on my birthday, but I would rather spend time with the people I love.  I do always treat myself to one investment piece each year. Here are my top picks: 

j brand leather jacket / ariel gordon wing and knot rings / sam edelman booties / otte dress / pashli / joie perfume / j crew highline t-shirt / cartier love bracelet / rebecca minkoff sunglass case / j crew earrings

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Sorry for the lack of Friday post, but Friday marked my last big event (snapshots on Instagram) at work in Kansas City and my last full week at my first ever “big girl” job.  It is bittersweet leaving all of my wonderful co-workers after almost 4 years (they are almost like family because the amount of time we spend together), but I am so excited for our new adventure.

Instead of relaxing; today will be full of packing up boxes and summer cleaning- the donation stack has already surpassed 5 trash bags.  This next week, we will be spending a lot of time with family and friends, so I apologize in advance if there are not a lot of posts that go up when scheduled.  Hope ya’ll had an amazing weekend. 

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So, I know there were a few of you that have been waiting all day to hear about my “big news” Well, here goes nothing…. I am moving.

I have always tried to keep it pretty personal on this little blog and today is no different. I decided to take a leap of faith, because that is what life is all about, right? My 20s have been some of the most exciting years of my life and in two weeks I will be leaving everything I know, packing up two car loads of my essentials and moving to Ohio.  

It may sound crazy to some, but I am excited for this new journey and career path. I don’t know if I have ever believed the saying, “timing is everything” until now.  In two weeks I will turn twenty-five, and I look back and see how much has changed and how so much has stayed the same.  If I would have told my 21 year old self that at 25 I would be leaving my first “grown-up” job and moving to a small town in Ohio, I would have told myself- “you are crazy!” But things change, people change and I have grown up in the last four years thanks to my friends, family, Patrick and this blog.  I am looking forward to what comes next…. 

“Sometimes the only available transportation is a leap of faith”- Margaret Shepard 

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