High fashion meets the middle of the desert.  If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you probably know about my love for Prada Marfa, and more importantly the talented Gray Malin.  For those of you who do not know about Marfa, it is a small art town in the middle of West Texas that is known for its unique art installations.  We are actually planning a trip for the Spring to finally see the town in person. Since studying Art History in college, I have always felt a close connection with the art world. While, I may not be able to afford all any of the pieces that I truly admire, being able to visit museums, galleries, or even something as special as Marfa keeps that connection alive.  

So back to my love for Prada Marfa.  Last year when Patrick and I moved into our first place, it was important that if we were going to spend money on artwork it had to mean something to us.  I can’t recall exactly what I was doing when I stumbled upon Gray Malin and his Prada Marfa series over a year ago, but I knew that instant that I was going to be a long time fan of his work. Prada Marfa in particular spoke to the both of us because the juxtaposition between the vast desert and high fashion.  

While I absolutely love my first real piece of purchased art, the reason for this post is much larger than my love for material things.  Prada Marfa is being threatened.  Texas lawmakers are suggesting that the art installation on side side of the highway will be permanently shut down. There argument for the shut down is said to be an illegal advertisment.  Now it’s your turn to help #savepradamarfa. Malin is offering an exclusive signed 11″ X 17″ print (shown above) on MaisonGray.com for only $99.00 with a portion of the proceeds being donated to the Ballroom Marfa (a non-profit that supported the installation of Prada Marfa) 

Here are a few words from Gray about the print: 

“The image, titled Pondering Prada Marfa was selected to remind us that although art is supposed to ignite a conversation and force us to dig deeper, it is also for our pleasure and enjoyment. If the installation was torn down it would deny many people a chance to enjoy this incredible ‘pop architectural land-art’ installation. Through this photograph, we hope to bring back Ballroom Marfa’s mission to empower artist to create– art is for art’s sake!”

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Today I was missing our old house in Kansas City. It was the first time a place was completely mine, well ours (: so I decided to share some of my favorite things from our old living room. 

One of my favorite things about our old place was the living room because was so open and full of light. The room stated as one big white (cream) blank slate. Neither of us owned any furniture, so it was so fun to pick pieces out together that we knew we were worth the investment. * A little funny side note about that, all of this is in a fun storage unit.

My favortie part about furnishing our place was picking out art. Obviously, just starting out (with absolutely nothing) we could not afford to spend bucko-bucks on artwork, but I knew I wanted something original and quirky. Insert= the American Buffalo. The room was starting to feel a little girly, so the print added a little masculine touch. When I ordered the Buffalo from Sharon Montrose’s Animal Print Shop, she sent us this darling little giraffe print, too and naturally I have to put it in a frame. 

While I am not missing my girlie, Zoey, this picture was just too cute to leave out.  She is just such a ham.

Shop Sharon Montrose’s collection from The Animal Print Shop, also the navy and white pillow is from the amazing and talented, Rebecca Atwood!

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photography taken by AB for A Dash of Details  


Sorry for the lack of “Lately” pictures today, honestly not much exciting happened over here this past weekend.  I spent most of the weekend at work and some did major lounging the other part of the weekend.  I am excited for this week to be a little slower pace and enjoy the warm weather (finally!).  Lindsay and I are headed to happy hour tomorrow and Patrick arrives on Thursday- so I have a lot to look forward to this week.  

Today, I plan to take a deep breath, dig out of a long list of emails, and try for an early night at home.  In the meantime, check out these beautiful pictures from the extrememly talented, Jamie of Ann Street Studio.  If I lived in New York, this event would be my dream, I mean endless bottles of Veuve Clicquot… yes, please.

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images all from Ann Street Studio 


When Patrick and I moved into our house the one thing we decided is that we wanted to find some great unique art to hang on the walls.  In my previous apartment, my roomie and I had some super girly artwork. Most of the art on the walls of our old place were DIY projects, or sketches and watercolors I did when I was bored. I always wanted to invest in some good pieces but I was not ready quite yet.  So needless to say, when we moved all of my girly pieces ended up in my office.  It is the only place in our house with the color pink (hopefully you will get a peek into my office soon, there are a few finishing touches that I plan to make in the next couple weeks and then I will snap a few pictures).  

Anyways, back to the art. I came across Gray Malin about a year ago when I was trying to find that iconic Prada Marfa sign from Gossip Girl. Yes, I know I can’t believe I am even admitting it, but I just loved the size, and that it was black and white (I went through a phase).  So when it came to discussing art for the new place Gray Malin’s Prada Marfa series was the first thing that came to my mind.  I love the juxtaposition of the Prada Store with the cowboys (it is just soo us.. fashion obsessed and cowboy wannabe).  It is hanging now on a large wall in our dining room and I am in love. 

If you don’t already know about Gray Malin’s work you must check it out, he is incredibly talented. Other than my love for his Prada Marfa series, I am slilghtly obsessed with his A la Plage work; particularly this one.

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For the last year I have been in search of the perfect men’s style watch. Ya know, like the standard gold Michael Kors that almost every girl I know has. Don’t get me wrong, I love that watch but every time I tried it on it never really looked good on my wrist. The bulkiness of the watch was always the issue, so I continued my search.  A few months ago I spotted this Daniel Wellington on Samantha of Could I Have That and have been obsessing ever since.  It is the perfect watch for my wrist- still large enough, but lays flat on my arm.  It has quickly become one of my favorite accessories. 

Did I ever tell you guys that I am a total Art History nerd?  My favorite classes in college were French Impressionism and Art Since 1945, possibly because of the professors but maybe just because I could pronounce the names of the artists (African Art was not my cup of tea).  Recently I have been pulling out my old art books to fill some book shelves. I had fun browsing through the pages of some of my favorite artists, like Willem de Kooning and Andy Warhol.  

Daniel Wellington Watch / Willem de Kooning Book / Nails- Essie Clambake

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Do you ever feel like the handwriting is almost a lost talent now- a- days? I know I sound like some old grandma complaining about a progressive movement, but I still think there is nothing better than getting a hand written letter in the mail rather than just an email. Or even just a note left on your desk while you are away and not just an email that says, “Come find me when you back.”I remember when I was growing up my best friend and I used to have contests to figure out who had the best, most unique handwriting. Naturally this was really before we started using texts and email to correspond instead of writing notes back and forth between classes.

Your handwriting is one of those unique traits that no one can replicate exactly (well, I guess if you are a pro like in the show White Collar- oh and I am probably the only one in the world who watches the USA Network). But any who, you are probably thinking to yourself, why do I care…well the artist Craig Oldham created The Hand Written Letter Project in 2007 and I think it is pretty genius.

Here is a little blurb about why the HWLP was created:

“The HAND.WRITTEN.LETTER.PROJECT was after a conversation about how personal a letter can be:
a fact that is currently drowning in a tide of depersonalisation, with junk mail and automated correspondence…

But the project offers much more than that voyeuristic insight into the creative minds of those we revere, more that it represents a visual narrative on the cultural transition in which we find ourselves. A transition on which your thoughts you are welcome to share, where all you have to do is to pick up that pen…

Yours faithfully,Craig Oldham“.

Side Note: After I wrote this post I felt a little backwards because I was writing my thoughts about the lost love of handwriting and at the same time, I am typing the post on the computer….

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images via thwlp


Happy Weekend! For us here in Kansas City, we got an early start because of the snow storm, but I am so excited it’s Friday.  Since Patrick is not here this weekend, I have a huge to-do list to conquer that involves cleaning the entire house, drinks with the girls, finally hanging a few pictures and ordering a few more (I will get to that in a minute), and watching the Academy Awards on Sunday. Also, remember when I posted earlier this week about cleaning out my closet, well thanks to the snow storm yesterday and being locked inside all day, I purged about forty pieces and I am ready to go donate and sell a few things this weekend. 

So anywho, aren’t these still life prints amazing.  I was searching for new art on Etsy this week and I came across Lucy Snowe and her amazing work.  I love the mix of feminine and masculine in each piece, especially how the still life’s just pop off the page.  A while back we bought these white frames from IKEA and these prints are the perfect size. Once the place finally comes together, I promise to share some pictures.  

Oh and big news, our couch is finally being delivered. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a piece of furntiure in my life.

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images via Etsy- Lucy Snowe


Best Day Ever. Gray Malin on One Kings Lane.  I have been lusting over this photograph of Prada Marfa ever since Bradely from Luella and June was giving one away on her blog.  It is the perfect piece for the big empty dining room/kitchen wall.  I have been trying to find pieces for the new house that are gender neutral (which means, every piece I already own is going in my office). I think I am going to put the 13 X 19 photograph in a large white matte with a thin black frame. What do you think? 

Do you have any go-to places to find art? Etsy, Furbish?  I need your suggestions! 

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Gray Malin for One Kings Lane 

The Fairest of them All


My favorite weekend of the year is finally here.  If you were wondering what it was… it’s the Plaza Art Fair this weekend in Kansas City.  There will be 240 artists from all over the US showing their work this in my neck of the woods.  I am not gonna lie, it is not all about the art this weekend, about 30 restaurants from the Plaza will have pop up tents with awesome food and drinks and 3 stages with live music each night.  Let’s just say it is the best weekend of the year and to make it better, the weather is going to be amazing. I am on the hunt for a large scale painting for my dining room, so wish me luck! 

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images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 

Happy "Artsy" Weekend

Happy Friday! I plan to fill my weekend with lot’s of artsy and inspiring activities.  We plan to go to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh flowers and dinner, take a trip to the Nelson, and maybe spend a little time drawing.  What are the fun things you have planned for this weekend.  

ps. I have a few fun things coming soon to the blog in the next couple weeks that I cannot wait to share with you..sorry just a little longer! 

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