Summer Beauty

It has been a minute since we last chatted about skincare. I am still learning so much about clean beauty, but I have definitely started playing favorites, ie: Tata Harper and RMS Beauty being on my top shelf. In the last couple months I have added a few new tools and products to my routine. 

Tata Harper Cleanser / TULA Exfoliating Mask / Tan Luxe-The Face / Herbivore Rose Mist / Goop Face Cream / Lilah B. Lip & Cheek / DermaFlash / Ice Roller (just $12!)

DERMAFLASH: This tool has been a game changer. About five months ago, I tried dermaplaning for the first time. While I absolutely loved the treatment (especially paired with a Hydrafacial), it really needs to be done every 4 weeks and it was starting to feel like the money with wings emoji. I came across the Dermaflash on Instagram and was so intrigued, so I ordered one and tried it! Obsessed would be an understatement. While it doesn’t quite compare to the $100 treatment at my esthetician, it is the perfect at-home replacement.

ICE ROLLER: This $12 dollar tool is my new obsession morning and night. Feeling puffy? Roll this little guy all over your face for a quick refresh. Also, it’s a total game changer after a few cocktails…according to a friend ;)

TATA HARPER REGENERATING CLEANSER: Is it worth the price? My answer is a million times yes.  This is the number one question I get from all of you. I am now on my fourth bottle of this cleanser and nothing can top this refreshing cleanser. The subtle exfoliation and smell leave your skin feeling smooth, glowing and so clean.

TAN LUXE-THE FACE: This year is unlike any other year. All of you will probably cringe, but this is the first summer I have spent with a hat covering my face and consistently re-applying sunscreen to my face. It’s a product of growing up in Arizona and having olive skin. I have never been the type to burn, but this was the first year I developed a visible sun spot and it freaked me out. Serums like, CE Ferluic Acid and regular facials are helping to reduce the effects, but guys, I have a lot of sun damage that needs to be reversed.  If you are in your early 20’s reading this…my best advice is to start protecting your skin now! It is never too early. I digress, Tan Luxe is the perfect replacement for the natural sun. I never use self tanner, but these drops give your skin just a little extra glow.

TULA EXFOLIATING MASK: A brand new-to-me product line is TULA. If you follow a lot of bloggers, you have probably heard about this Probiotic skincare line. It is worth the hype. I just tried the 5 minute exfoliating mask the other day. It’s definitely going in my regular masking rotation and maybe even a top contender to my all time favorite Resurfacing Mask. I’ve also added the Illuminating Serum and Gel Cream to my routine this week.

RMS BEAUTY: I try to wear little to no makeup in the summer. The real reason is because it really just melts off in these triple digit temps. These RMS beauty highlighters have been my go-to this summer (*pro tip-you will love the results after the Dermaflash). They go on so smooth and give you the perfect summer glow. I also love they are toxin-free.


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