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Last year at this time I was headed to Surfside for my daily dip in the ocean with Mackenzie. This year I am hiding inside from the triple digit temps in Dallas. Anyone have a time machine?! All jokes aside, this past trip to Nantucket was just the spark I needed to fall back in love with my camera. I was so inspired by the fresh blooms, the water and colors that I ended up taking over a thousand photos in just a few short days.  Being behind the camera is something I truly love.

Nantucket Rose Covered House Home in Nantucket Bluff Walk Home on Nantucket

During my Q&A on Instagram last week, my most asked questions were about my photography process; ie: who takes my pictures, what camera do I use, and how I edit. I would love to know, would you guys like a more in-depth post about all of this?

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