“It always seems impossible until its done.”- Nelson Mandela (He was such an inspiring man) 

Does anyone have the same feeling the week after a vacation?  Completely overwhelmed but for some reason it feels like the days drag on until you realize it is Friday! Being really busy at work, a secret project I am working on (you will find out soon, I promise) and trying to keep my workout schedule together, I felt like I barely had a second to breathe. But that is what the weekends are for, right? 

This weekend I will be playing dress up for some fun new outfit posts and spending lots of time playing catch up on emails and my DVR.  Thankfully there is a snow storm coming our way, it makes the perfect excuse to sit on the sofa or stay under the covers all day long.  I will also be finishing up my Christmas shopping. If you still need some ideas to cross those gifts off your list, make sure you check out my gift guides to get your shopping done in 1-2-3!  

Happy Weekend and thanks for following along this week! 

xox- a dash of details

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For some reason this week flew by, maybe because I had to deal with “adult” things the entire week . And man it really was not very fun. Does anyone else kind of hate being a grown up sometimes?  By that I mean paying bills, dealing with car issues or a handyman, taking the dogs to the vet. (catch my drift, yet?) Sometimes I just want a week when all I worry about is eating and sleeping, but I guess that is what the weekend is for.  

So here we are and its Friday (rainy nonetheless) and I am so ready to lay on my couch and catch up on my DVR.  Thankfully it is supposed to be nice Saturday and Sunday, so laying on the couch probably isn’t in the cards.  I get a weird itch to be really productive when it is nice and sunny outside. 

xox- a dash of details

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Don’t you just love long weekends?  It was so nice having Friday off last week and not to mention the weather was pretty much perfect, at least for a day.  Michelle and I did a late work out (with all of the soccer moms) and then ran some errands. I am not going to lie, it was kind of nice not sitting at a desk all day playing interior design assistant. We did some returns, might have made a pit stop at J Crew to look at all of the new arrivals (it was dangerous), and searched for the perfect fabrics at Calico. But really, there is seriously nothing better than listening to good music driving with the windows down. 

You would have never thought that the weather was so perfect the day before because on Saturday it pretty dark and rainy all day, I think the state of Kansas was mourning the loss (poor Jayhawks). The only thing good about the day was being able to wear my new Hunter boots while I ran some errands. Since I was inside most of the day, I started working on my to-do list for a charity event I have been working on (more details to come) and catching up on some much needed DVR time. 

So I really cannot keep up with this Midwest weather, but I wasn’t complaining on Sunday because it was absolutely beautiful.  I headed to Church and then a delicious brunch with one of my girlfriends and her family.  We overindulged on the never ending buffet and it put us both in a food coma.  Since I hate wasting beautiful days inside, I spent the majority of the afternoon outside walking the pups and doing yard work. I was optimistic that the weather would be nice again today, but only to wake up to 30 degree temps this morning and possibly snow flurries tonight. UGH.  Weather gods, if you are out there, it would be great to have 75 and sunny for at least two months out of the year.  Thanks- Ali :) 

xox- a dash of details

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This weekend I was catching up on some DVR recordings that have been filling up space and I decided to start watching the premiere of The Voice.  I never really was into the show until Patrick started making me watch it last year, so this year I decided to record the series.  Well, I am glad I did, there are some seriously amazing singers especially Judith Hill.  Growing up with musical parents, this “what I am guessing to be young/middle 30s” girl has some serious talent.  I mean not only just her voice but her musicality was unreal and something I have never heard before. I am sure she will go far on the show, but for now you can listen to her performance here.  

On another note: Happy Easter to all of you. I hope you had a fabulous day spent with family and friends and hopefully had a few chocolate eggs or Peeps (I really do not like those little chickens).  

xox- a dash of details 

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