Golden Gate Bridge in the Fog

Patrick whisked me away this past weekend to celebrate my birthday in San Francisco.  We covered so much ground in just 2 full days in the city.

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Tuckernuck Leaf Top

There is something so charming about the island.  Maybe it is the rich history or the hydrangeas in full bloom, but whatever it may be I never wanted to leave. I was seriously considering sending for the dogs and moving into Mackenzie’s family home.  Mackenzie and her family were the best hosts, they showed us all of their favorite spots on the island, one of them being the ‘Sconset Bluff Walk.  If you are not familiar, the bluff walk is a little walking path through the backyards of some of the island’s oldest homes.  On one side is the ocean and the other side you have an unobstructed view of the beautiful homes.

shopNavy Leaf Top (c/o) / Crop Flare Jeans (c/o) / Heels / Sunglasses / Clutch (c/o) (sold out, but I love this one!) / Bracelet

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Preppy Style at the Lighthouse

I may be suffering from those post-vacation blues, but looking at these pictures has never made me so happy.  I just got back from a 5 day trip to Nantucket. Mackenzie and her family have been vacationing on the island since before she was born, so I could not think of a more perfect host to show us around her favorite place.  I was lucky enough to visit Nantucket with her and Amy last September, but this was the first time Patrick was able to see this very special place.


On Ali: Sleeveless Sweater / Shorts / Stripe Top / Sandals / Sunglasses / Scarf 

On Patrick: Shirt / Shorts / Flip Flops / Sunglasses 

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Kansas City Travel Details

I am headed to Kansas City tomorrow for Patrick’s aunts wedding.  My bag is packed full of dresses for all the festivities.  I am excited to see my family, girlfriends and all their babies. Oh and there will definitely be at least one pitstop at Winsteads for a burger and a 50/50.

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The Hampton Social

This weekend was one for the books. My feet are still sore from all the dancing we did at my cousin-in-law’s wedding (is cousin-in-law a thing?).  All I want to do today is take lots of naps, detox and cuddle with my pups. Instead I will be catching up on work, emails and hopefully pulling myself together to get to the grocery store ;)

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TravelDetails-NapaValley 22220c2c3e1b06aa0abc1bfbba53b45aNAPA_1 a82375d5246ef0efafe018498bfeadf3 cd98b58c3beb448c7afc6c0b1472eff2 Napa_3 farmstead2_resize1hotelyountville1_resize Napa_4

For a couple that is known to be quite the little travelers, we still have an ever growing list of places to visit. From Portland to Cape Town, our wanderlust list stretches across the entire world. On the top of our realistic list is Napa Valley.  I have been to San Francisco a few times for really quick work trips, but I have never made it across the bridge.  I came across this great guide to Napa on Goop.  The online magazine is a daily read for me.  Maybe it has something to do with my 30 day alcohol free challenge or the perfectly blue skies outside, but Napa (and wine) is calling my name.

Our Wish List

STAY at Calistoga Ranch

EAT at the Fremont Diner and Bouchon

DRINK at Scribe Winery

TAKE a hot air balloon ride (bucket list item!)

WEAR this

or this

Have you been to wine country?  I would love any tips and recommendations to add to my wanderlust list.

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RTSkirt_6 Photo Mar 07, 2 57 40 PM RTSkirt_9 RTSkirt_8 RTSkirt_5 Photo Mar 07, 3 04 46 PM Photo Mar 07, 2 57 19 PM

We had all of the makings for a perfect day: Great friends, the beach, and a sun hat.

I talked about our short visit during our trip to St. Barth’s but Mackenzie and I still talk about how fun our day on the beautiful island really was. The French woman have this effortlessness about them.  They can be wearing a white tee over their bikini, a great hat and sunglasses and still look so chic.  When I found out we were heading to the island during our trip, I knew I wanted to wear this Rebecca Taylor skirt.  Rebecca Taylor’s refined design and girly silhouettes are why I love the brand so much.  Also her prints and fabrics are so easy to wear, especially for a girl who loves solid neutrals.  After picking up this skirt last year, I am constantly looking at her new collections.  On a side note, This dress would be perfect for a spring wedding.

We must talk about this sun hat.  Mackenzie and I joked the entire trip about this darn hat because it was constantly blowing off my head when the wind blew, but at the end of the day, it has been my best purchase this year. I have since worn in on two other trips to the beach and I know it will be the perfect accessory this summer.  I also watched this video about how to pack a hat in your carry-on and it changed the game!

More of my favorites from Rebecca Taylor:

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MarysiaSwim_2 MarysiaSwim_6 MarysiaSwim_10 MarysiaSwim_1 MarysiaSwim_9 MarysiaSwim_11 MarysiaSwim MarysiaSwim_12MarysiaSwim_7

“She loved the ocean because every time the waves left the shore, they always came back.”-unknown

As I laid in the sand with the waves crashing at my feet, a slew of memories rushed in. I don’t know if it was the sounds of the water or the sun shining down on my skin but I felt at peace. My anxiety washed away with each passing wave and I allowed my mind to wander. So many thoughts came to the surface. Thoughts about my goals, my relationship and where I see my life in the next 10 years. For the first time in a while, I allowed my mind to wander to creative places and found new inspiration. I know it is not just me, but I get so caught up in my daily routine that I don’t allow myself to fully let go. So as I sat there in the sand watching each wave leave the shore, I let those little things go, and made room in my life for something new.

We had the best day on Saint-Jean beach in St. Barth’s. Stay tuned for later this week, I will be sharing a guide to 5 hours on the island. Everyone had to drag me back onto the boat. I could have stayed on that island forever. I wore my new Marysia bikini the entire day with a high waisted maxi skirt and sandals. To say I am obsessed with my new suit would be an understatement.  I have been lusting over Marysia’s designs for over 2 years now and I finally decided this girls trip was the perfect time to pick it up. I contemplated on getting this one piece, but Mackenzie talked me into the bikini with a quote from her Grandy- “You have your entire life to wear a one-piece, wear a bikini while you can.” She really is a genius.


Jackie Boyfriend Button Down (c/o) / Marysia Swim Mott Bikini / Bottoms / Celiné Sunglasses (similar) / Ariel Gordon Gold Dust Lariat (c/o) / Silk Woven Bracelet (c/o) / Straw Hat 

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HAPPY 2016



White and Warren Travel Wrap (gifted) / J.Brand High Waisted Jeans (great for petite girls) / Hunter Boots / Vince Coat (on sale) / J.Crew Tippy Sweater / J.Crew Leather Gloves / Socks / Celine Sunglasses / Cuyana Tote (c/o) / Beanie WhiteandWarrenScarf_5 WhiteandWarrenScarf_4 WhiteandWarrenScarf_13 WhiteandWarrenScarf_3 WhiteandWarrenScarf_10 WhiteandWarrenScarf_14 WhiteandWarrenScarf_12 WhiteandWarrenScarf_15 WhiteandWarrenScarf_17

We had a 9 hour road trip ahead of us to finish out one of the most memorable years of our lives. The first hour of the trip, I sat in silence looking out and thinking about all that had happened in 2015. It was a good year. A year of travel, a year of love and commitment and a year of learning about myself. As I reflect on the year, I realize this was the year of the highest highs.  Of course nothing in life is perfect, but 2015 sure felt like a good year.

As our trip went on, I thought about how the year started.  Let me tell you it started off in a great way. Not only did I already have our wedding in April to look forward to, kicking off the first week in New York City, but it was the first week of January that I was informed I would become a Style Me Pretty contributor.  It has always been a dream of mine to create content for a large online site/magazine.  Throughout the first part of the year I was able to be creative, work with an amazing photographer, and meet so many wonderful people.

There is something about the open road that allows your mind to wander to wonderful places.  Patrick and I took 4 long road trips and 30 or so flights in 2015. I have to say, the road trips are when we learned the most about each other.  I sat in the front seat, he drove and our pups cuddled up in the back.  We chose music based on our mood, listened to books on tape and talked about the future and how we plan to get there.  I always had an idea of what my life was going to look like when I was younger, and the older I get the idea gets more blurred.  I never would have imagined moving 3 times in our 20s, but those changes have helped us realized how lucky we are to start putting down roots in Dallas.  We know what we want (right) now, what’s important to us and where we want to go (or at least for the time being).

About hour 4 I started looking at our wedding photos on my phone.  It was no question that our wedding week and honeymoon were the highlights of 2015. It felt like a dream and everything I had ever dreamed of came true (you can read about the day/details here).  We arrived early in Scottsdale to finish the last minute planning. Well I did the planning, while Patrick played golf ;) We ended up just relaxing with our favorite people for a few days before the weekend.  I could never replace those days where both sides of our family sat by the pool, learned about each others lives and told stories of Patrick and I’s relationship.  We were so lucky to have 4 generations of family all together.

Other highlights of my year included a trip to Sag Harbor, exploring Nashville and almost missing our flight (oops), a surprise birthday trip to West Palm Beach, my first overnight camping experience for Gentlemen of the Road, hiking in Vail only to find an amazing lake at the top, NYFW with my amazing tour guide, Mackenzie, my first ever sailing trip in Nantucket, visiting New York 5 times in one year, celebrating our 2 year engagement anniversary in the place where I said yes, and ending out the year with 2 of our best friends at their new home in the mountains.

At any given time this year we were taking spontaneous weekend trips. It taught me to go with the flow and pack light.  We hope this year will be no different, and hopefully take a few exciting planned trips too!

As we approached the 8 hour mark, I started to feel the excitement of getting home and starting the new year.  While I really never make resolutions for the year, I do have a few things I want to focus on in 2016. Stay tuned…

Happy New Year!

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Black Heels and White Jeans White Details J Crew Cable Sweater White Details 2 Loren Hope Earrings and Clutch Loren Hope Earrings Manolo Blahnik Heels Michele Watch Detail 2 All White and Loren Hope Earrings

Brrrr… it is cold.

Well, in comparison to the rest of the country I think Dallas has it pretty good today. Currently, I am headed to New York for the weekend, so much for our goal to not travel as much in 2015 (we just can’t help ourselves). No better way to kick off the new year then with another adventure, especially to one of my favorite cities.

We will be exploring the city like little kids in a candy store, since Patrick has not been to New York since he was ten years old. There is no better way to explore the city than to walk everywhere, so we are prepared to be bundled up and pop into places like the Met and MoMA and maybe for a few cocktails here and there. Other things on our agenda are ice skating in Central Park (something to check off my bucket list) and to see the 9/11 Memorial.  You can follow our first adventure of 2015 over on Instagram, @adashofdetails.


Loren Hope Earrings (c/o-RockBox) / J.Crew Cable Sweater  / Skyline Ankle Peg Skinny Jeans / Manolo Blahnik BB Pumps Michele Watch / Jawbone Band / Elizabeth and James Clutch (c/o-similar style)

xox- a dash of details

photography by Merritt Beck