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It has been a while since my last Love You post.  That is because, well, life is really good right now (and sadly, this space has been a little neglected).  We have been traveling non-stop for both work and personal reasons. From New York to Boston to Arizona to Kansas City to Vail back to Kansas City, we are actually home for the first time for an entire weekend since August. Needless to say, I am slightly exhausted but I really cannot complain because I have been having the time of my life.  This weekend I plan to switch my closet from Summer to Fall, catch up with friends over drinks, do a couple workout classes, and curl up with a blanket and my DRV.

What are your plans this weekend?

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You may have noticed I took a little unexpected break from the blog for the last two weeks. This was never my intention and I had this weird guilt as the days went by and I didn’t post anything. The real story was that my day job took us on quite the interesting adventure. Many of you probably don’t know what I do, so here’s the quick story.  I’ll  be back Monday with regular content and some exciting news!

Two Thursdays ago, my fiancé and I hopped on a plane and headed to Scottsdale for a quick weekend getaway (or so we thought) to celebrate my birthday. We had a great weekend and then got news we would be working on a quick 5 day project in a small town in Mississippi. So if you don’t know, Patrick and I work together for an oil and gas company, a job I absolutely love and everyday am grateful to have found something that I like to do and also have the flexibility to work from home, blog, and still have a life.

We arrived is Mississippi 2 Sundays ago, for what we thought would be a quick and painless trip with a few pitstops to Oxford and New Orleans on the way home, but we were SOO wrong. We worked until midnight every night and on top of everything we had no internet the entire time (hence no blogging). After a few long nights, the project was extended an entire week.  More work, late nights and few pieces of fried chicken later, we finally completed our project and made it to New Orleans for a night and then back to Dallas for the weekend, just in time for my bestie to come visit me. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see our shenanigans around town.  Let’s just say August turned into quite the whirlwind.

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An unexpected break sometimes leads to the best inspiration.

If you haven’t noticed from my instagram account, I have been working on my frequent flyer points to say the least. As your reading this, I am probably hoping back on a plane from Phoenix to Dallas, but not long I will be back at it again next weekend.  Between wedding planning, holidays, and wedding season; trying to keep up with a normal routine has been more than I bargained for this summer. The inspiration I find traveling is something I would never replace, but sometimes my computer takes a backseat.

This past weekend was full of checking things off our wedding planning list and the most exciting part was finding my dream dress from one of my favorite designers. Of course, you will have to wait until after the wedding (Patrick does indeed read this blog) to find out the details about the dress. After an exciting day spent searching for the perfect dress, the other part of the weekend was spent by the pool trying to achieve a perfect glow Patrick’s sisters upcoming nuptials and celebrating my best friend’s 26th birthday with all of girlfriends.

You can always follow my adventures at #ADODTravels while I am away!

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LoandSonsBag4th of July

You might be reading this while I am in the car roadtrippin’ to Austin for the weekend to celebrate the 4th of July.  The is the start to one crazy July for me, which includes living out of a suit case for pretty much the entire month.  This weekend, I decided to pack light and fit everything into my Lo and Son’s Catalina bag. You’ve heard me talk about my love for my Lo and Son’s bag before, but it is seriously my go-to when packing for overnight trips. My favorite is the bottom zipper compartment because I can fit 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, and some of my beauty products which keeps the top compartment organized.  The worst part about packing an overnight bag is feeling like you have to throw everything out of your bag just to find that one top (I know you guys are with me on that one!).  Since this weekend is all about the red, white and blue, I decided to keep my wardrobe very patriotic-chic.  I told you in this post, my closet is lacking the red department, but I figured some NARS Lipstick and a few bracelets will do the trick!

I hope all you lovies have a happy and safe holiday!  xox.


Lo and Son’s Catalina Bag (c/o) Rails LA Stars Shirt / Malta Mirror Sandals (on sale!) Line runner Muscle Tee / Starla Sandals / J.Crew Short Set PJs / SEA Floral Dress / CP Shades V-Neck Linen Dress / Marysia Swim Scallop Bikini / Illesteva Leonard Mirrored Sunglasses / Joie Flirty Diamond Bracelet / Wish me Luck Bracelet /

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It’s Friday which means its time to party (…or maybe sleep and relax).  This week has been filled with fun blog events, work, and meeting new friends. I am feeling a little (well, a lot) FOMO this weekend because all of my girlfriends are headed to Vegas for a fun weekend and I couldn’t be there. Relaxing and organizing are in store for me and Patrick this weekend as we prep for the craziest July of our lives.  With trips on the books to Austin, Scottsdale, the Lake, Kansas City, and Marfa, we will be gone every weekend next month.  What do y’all have planned for this first weekend of Summer?

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After a long night up with a sick pup, cancelled flights, rescheduled flights, and a few tears; I am headed to celebrate my amazing g-ma’s 80th birthday with all of my family this weekend. Hope you chickens have a fabulous weekend!

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It has been a few weeks since I posted a Love You, Friday post; mostly because I am normally packing for a trip on Thursday night. This really seems to be a weekly routine as of late.  Today was supposed to be no different than the rest, except we decided to cancel our trip to Boston.  I was not worth the risk to get stuck for a few extra days due to weather and we are totally bummed out.

Instead, I will be working on some fun projects, baking up some holiday treats and trying to enjoy a little bit of this (cold) sunshine.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, lovlies!

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And we’re off…again…

This time we are headed to sunny Scottsdale for a quick trip with a major wedding to-do list in front of us.  Hopefully we will be checking some of the big things off our list, like setting a date! Our hopes are to sprinkle in a little golf, hiking, and of course some quality family time.

I honestly do not know what I am more excited for, A. starting the wedding planning process or B. getting out of this horribly cold weather.  I am definitely packing some shorts for this trip to 75 degrees and sunny (jealous yet?)


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I will be hitting the slopes this year for NYE this year and there are a few essentials that I always bring when skiing.  Keeping warm is a must, and we had to bring a few goodies to ring in 2014.



J.Crew x Sperry Topsider BootsNanette Rabit Snood /Arctic ParkaOtte Cable SweaterVeuve Clicquot Thick Knit Headband‘Taylor’ Headphones / Ray Ban Mirrored Aviators / J Crew Camp Socks  / Sugar Paper LA CoastersCashmere ScarfDeborah Lippman “Boom Boom Pow”  Nail Polish / Deborah Lippman “Stronger” Nail Polish / BanDo Headband / Nars Larger than Life Lip Gloss


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Today is all about holiday travel and looking good doing it.  There is nothing worse than standing in front of someone with grey baggy sweatpants on looking like a complete mess and they just happen to have a water bottle in their bag going through security.  For someone that is a frequent traveler like myself, my biggest pet peeve is people that look like they are going to a slumber party at the airport, especially when carrying a full size pillow. THIS IS NOT OKAY. There are definitely ways to still be comfortable while still looking cute.  Even wearing your favorite white tee and a wrap with leggings is a great way to look put together, but really feel like you are still in your pjs.

Pet peeve number two, people that have unorganized carry-ons. I have even seen a lady with three kids that is more organized than some people.  Thanks to my TRUFFLE Petite Clarity pouch, I keep all of my liquids in this pouch and keeps my Gigi New York Tote completely organized.  Also having a laptop sleeve allows you to get through security in a jiffy.  Thankfully, we finally hit A-List status which means no lines for us this holiday travel season! 

TRUFFLE Petite Clarity Pouch (perfect gift for the traveler) / Cashmere Scarf / J.Brand Jeans / Jewelry Travel Case / J. Crew Sweater / Damsel X Gorjana Necklace / Computer Pouch / Kate Spade iPhone Case / Gigi New York Tote / Stella McCartney Sunglasses

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