Faithfull the Brand Dress

Friday marked the official start to summer and we are sure feeling the heat here in Texas. Since we will be spending most of the summer in town, I plan on spending the weekends in the pool (with a huge sun hat (or maybe a visor, thoughts? and lots of sunscreen––a new favorite!) and wearing all the breezy sundresses for late night dinners with friends.

There is something special about summer nights. Maybe, it’s the long days when the sun doesn’t disappear until 9pm or everyone’s relaxed attitudes due to the increase in Vitamin D. Whatever it may be, summer has always been my favorite season.

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How did this happen? We are only ten days away from Christmas and less than a week away from spending the holidays in Scottsdale with my family.  Our holiday schedule is packed full of birthdays and holiday parties, but I am looking forward to some down time with the fam and watching all the Christmas movies. I’m not going to lie, my tv has been on an endless loop of the Hallmark channel the last few weeks.  

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