This weekend started a little early here in Kansas City with one of the biggest snowstorms we have ever seen in Kansas for 50 years or something crazy like that.  

This weekend was filled with lots of 

Painting with watercolors while locked inside the house on Thursday

Painting my nails this color

Running a few errands to Target, Trader Joes, and a pit stop at Old Navy 

Watching KU take the win from TCU 

A spontaneous tubing adventure in Snow Creek 

Cooking up a gourmet popcorn bar for Michelle’s fun Oscar Party (more to come on this)

and playing with the pups in the snow.  

xox- a dash of details 


So I’ll be honest, I had all the best intentions on making pancakes this weekend to celebrate National Pancake day today. Unfortunately for Patrick,  I was totally lazy on Sunday morning and we ended up with some box made blueberry muffins instead.  Thankfully, Patrick was still grateful for any kind of breakfast in bed.  It is one of our favorite things to do on Sunday mornings, and secretly I wish that someone would magically make breakfast for us so we never had to get out of bed before noon.  (these are the weird things I think about sometimes). Well, the muffins ended up being delish and they were a perfect way to jump start our productive Sunday.  Do ya’ll have a Sunday morning ritual?

xox- a dash of details

images taken by Ali for A Dash of Details  


Is it Monday already?  The weekend just flew by and I have continued my goal to have productive weekends in 2013, although it is only the 2nd weekend of the year.  I finally put my office together, but I still need a few more necessities before I give you a peek inside. I deep cleaned the house, Michelle and I started working on an exciting new project, I bought my first ever Paperwhite (and hopefully it blooms), did Fusion Fire, and watched the new season of GIRLS and the Golden Globes.  

Oh and for the pictures, I promised Patrick that I would take pictures with my camera at least once a week since I got my new lens, in order to start really learning how to use it.  I plan to take a class in the next month so if anyone has a suggestion for a studio in Kansas City, I would love to know! 

xox- a dash of details 


Here are a few snapshots from my lovely week and weekend.  It was so fun catching up with the girls in St. Louis and of course Valentine’s Day on Tuesday.  Hope you have a fabulous start to your week! I know I will be drinking lots of tea and coffee to keep me awake! 

xox- a dash of details 

images via instagram 

Weekend Recap

This weekend was full of fun events! Blue Koi for dinner on Friday and a little family time, the oldest rivalry in college sports on Saturday- the KU vs. MU basketball game (such a close game), and of course the Super Bowl on Sunday. All in all, it was a fun weekend with great friends.

xox- a dash of details

images via iphone

Super Bowl Sunday


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! This is one of my favorite days of the year because I have an excuse to eat all of my favorite junk foods and it is about the only day I actually like to watch commercials.  Which commercial was your favorite? Can you believe the Giants won? I personally was rooting for the Patriots (maybe because people say Patrick looks like Tom Brady) so I was a little disappointed but naturally I already got over it :)

The Menu:

  • Barbecue Chicken Pizza
  • Seven Layer Bean Dip with Tortilla Chips
  • French Onion Dip
  • Pigs in a Blanket
  • Red and Blue Cake Pops 

All the recipes were extremely simple and I was able to watch all of the pre-game festivities.  Did you have a favorite recipe you tried this year? 

xox- a dash of details

image via a dash of details 


Sunday Snapshots

Happy Sunday!

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Point, Shoot, Capture

I got Patrick this camera for his birthday last month and I have been dying to learn the ins and outs of using an SLR camera.  Note: I have realized that having a good camera does not equal good pictures.  I have been practicing with our cute puppies but am still not confident. So today Patrick is letting me borrow the camera and I decided to read some tutorials online and practice with some still images.  I know it will take time to learn and feel comfortable with it but I am excited to see how they turn out.  

xox- a dash of details

images via tumblr, pinterest