Slowing down, embracing the calm, deep breaths and spending time at home…this is April.

The start of Spring feels a little different, but if “staying home” has taught me one thing : it’s to really appreciate the little moments and find joy in everything. I am feeling grateful for fresh air, flowers in bloom and spending this extra time with my little family. While there is a lot of uncertainty in the air I’ve never felt closer or more present. We are creating the most special memories together. Our sweet boy is changing so much everyday and I am not taking these fleeting moments for granted. Those smiles and giggles are everything.

Listening To: Daily dance parties are the best part of my day. Before bedtime we turn on our “At Home” playlist and all is right in the world for that moment. We laugh, smile and take a break from the heaviness of the news. A few songs on repeat: Only Everything by Quinn Lewis, This Must Be the Place by The Lumineers and Love You For A Long Time by Maggie Rogers.

Picnic in the backyard: I have never been so thankful for our backyard then during this time at home. It is a little escape from the inside and an opportunity to take a breath of fresh air. I’m feeling fortunate that the weather in Dallas (minus the rainy days) has been mild and lovely during this time. This month we will be pulling out our favorite blanket and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

Date Night In: When I was pregnant everyone suggests going out on a date with your husband/significant other after the baby arrives? Well, we never made it out of the house sans baby before life got turned upside down, so we have been trying something new. Date night at home. We order take out, light candles, pour a glass of our favorite wine and put our phones in the other room. I kind of love this new normal. :) Thinking of trying Jacey’s idea to have dinner in a different room in your house to make it feel special.

Home Updates: With this extra time spent at home I have been spending a lot of time designing each space in our home. Would this process be something you would like to see? We have pretty much a blank slate, so we are starting from scratch!

All the cozy: Looking for something new to brighten your day? A few brands at the top of the cozy game: Lou and Grey, Jenni Kayne, Hatch and Lunya. If you can support local business, here are a few I love: All Good Things Paper, Amy Berry Home, Ellis Hill, Jo Jo Mommy, and The CEH all have great online shops!

Recipe Testing: I’ve been spending more time in the kitchen these days and having fun coming up with creative recipes. Most of these happen after the baby is down and I realized I haven’t had any food all day… Maybe one day I will find the time to make some homemade bread like I have been seeing all over the internet. Any great and easy recipes you have? I am thinking I will start sharing a few of my simple, fresh dinner ideas since most of us are cooking at home these days.

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As a last note, I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by my little corner. I hope I can bring you joy and a little hope during this month at home. I am feeling extra grateful for my health, family and friends during this time. xx- ali

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