First things first: Hi! How are you?! Welcome back to ADOD. Gosh, I have missed this space so much and after almost of year of some much needed time off, I am back with new perspective and energy. So much has changed since the last time I sat down and wrote a blog post. I promise to update you on all of the details, but last year was the beginning of lots of changes, understanding, and personal growth. Back in April, I started to feel like posting about clothes and my daily life felt frivolous with everything going on in the world. There was so much unknown, so I decided to take a step back and focus on my family who needed me the most. I chose to learn, discuss and grow offline because that is where I felt grounded and safe. To be completely honest, it was the right decision at the time. The best takeaway from my time off was spending our sons first year completely unplugged. It was the first time I didn’t feel the urge to be creating content every moment of everyday, but instead just embracing the quiet in between moments.

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I have been meaning to write this post since I announced by pregnancy back in August. A few of you sweethearts have been asking where I have been, how I’ve been feeling and wondering where I’ve been. I am doing really great, and I owe you a major update on my second trimester now that I am almost halfway through my third (eek!). If I am being honest, I have loved slowing down a bit and spending quality time with the people I love most. I have been off my phone for the majority of the Summer and Fall to really enjoy this pregnancy. I took a step back from the blog because something just needed to give. Between work (which I absolutely love), buying our first house, renovating said house, and moving at 31 weeks pregnant, I just found myself not finding the right words or stories to share here. Now, that all of the madness is almost behind us (just in time for another big life change to happen), I honestly have so much to tell you! So, minus the lack of a good outfit to share, I want to tell you about all of the pieces I have been wearing the last few months. I almost created a capsule-like wardrobe for myself because I am determined not to buy too many things that I won’t want to wear post-baby.

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I am still over the moon after last weeks announcement and overjoyed by the amount of love and support. After what felt like the longest 4.5 months of keeping this little secret and an even longer first three months, I am officially halfway through my pregnancy (20 weeks) and happy to report that I am feeling great and a little bump is starting to make an appearance.


Brigette Dress




Straw Bag



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I cannot thank you enough for all of the sweet calls, text and comments yesterday about our announcement. I read through every single one and got a little emotional thinking our little boy is going to be surrounded by so much love. I’ll just be over here living on Cloud 9 all weekend.

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So, we’ve been keeping a little secret…Molly and Zoey are going to be big sisters!

Coming this December, our little baby boy will make his arrival and we are over the moon to finally share the news with all of you! Keeping this secret hasn’t been easy, especially hiding my tiny growing bump, but we are soo excited to take you along on this next journey. This is the best birthday gift I could ever have received…31 is off to a good start :)

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